The Best Pill Crusher is Essential if it’s Hard to Swallow: FYI in 2018!

Quite naturally, a pill crusher or grinder is a device that is designed to crush pills of any size and hardness. They are designed for the people who take medication and have difficulties with digestion or swallowing.

Some pills, especially large ones, can be difficult to swallow. Therefore, they are crushed into powder that is added to food or beverages. So it’s really easy if you to have a device at hand.

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1. Silent Knight Pill Crusher1. Silent Knight Pill CrusherView on Amazon
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4. eNNOVEA Power Pill Grinder4. eNNOVEA Power Pill GrinderView on Amazon
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According to Wikipedia, crusher is a machine or device that is designed to reduce the rocks’ size. It is designed for easy waste materials recycling and disposal. The devices commonly embody two parallel solid surfaces that are brought together, crushing the material.

Pill crushers are commonly necessary for elderly people and small children. They are essential for hospital patients who are currently using feed tubes. However, before crushing the pills that are prescribed for you, ask your doctor about it.

For example, some patients that suffer from schizophrenia, depression and other mental disorders don’t take the medication properly. That’s why FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) has recently approved the innovative digital pills.

A pill looks quite natural, but it comes with an embedded ingestible sensor. It comes into contact with stomach fluid, being activated and sending a message to the doctor’s smartphone. This way, the course of treatment is accurately followed, and its efficiency increases.

The effectiveness of the medication can be changed by crushing the pills (but not digital ones). It can promote absorption , but it is not recommended for slow-release drugs. You can also use a device for your pet as well, eliminating multiple treatment and care issues.

Therefore, many people prefer having the suitable pill crushers in their bathrooms or kitchens. The devices are very affordable, both manual and electric ones. Some of them are cylindrically shaped, twisting to crush the prescribed pills.

The other ones consist of mortars and pestles, grinding the pills when the devices are pressed. “Crocodile” and grinding portable types are the most popular ones. Hand-held devices are lightweight and compact.

Meanwhile, selecting a pill crusher for everyday use, customers consider their durability, crushing mechanism and ease of use. Hospitals commonly prefer the devices made of metal because of their durability.

Patients that suffer from arthritis select push-button crushers. Alternatively, some people use small coffee bean grinders for crushing dozens of pills simultaneously. These devices are quite efficient as they produce fine powder, so the patients are commonly glad for them.

As to the pill crushers, they are very affordable. Good manual ones cost from $60 to $90. Electric devices are not much more expensive. Crushers that cost up to $10 are also available, but they are made of plastics, not durable enough and difficult to clean.

Therefore, the best pill crusher is to be durable, with metal parts, reliable crushing mechanisms and easy to use. So, let’s highlight some popular devices that are recommended for your household needs or as gifts for your relatives or loved ones.

1. Silent Knight Pill Crusher


The crusher suits various medication or household needs. It is produced in the USA (CA), by Links Medical Products, Inc. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities use the device every day, being satisfied with its performance.

Therefore, the product is recognized as the best pill crusher recommended for professional (medical) and household (outpatient) applications.

Durability and Cutting Mechanism

The device is based on dual action movement mechanism that is patented and efficient, resulting in smooth and effortless pill crushing. The crushing part is made of surgical stainless steel. The base is aluminum; the pouches are made of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene).

The pill grinder is FDA approved and provided with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Contour cover securely encloses all internal moving parts.


The crusher design is powerful and large, but elegant. However, it is not suitable for travelers, as it’s too large and heavy. So, it’s preferable to use the device at home or in the hospital.

Ease of Use

The handle is very convenient, ergonomic, fitting all hand sizes. The patients just need to pull it down, and it works with minimal efforts. Cross contamination and spillage is eliminated, to the device is easy to clean.

Ability to Grind Large Pills

It is able to cut multiple (about 10) pills simultaneously, including large and hard ones. The crusher is completely quiet. It allows avoiding noise that could disturb staff or patients. It contains the pills safely within the special pouches.


The price is reasonable, but not the most affordable.

A list of medications that are not to be crushed is enclosed. About 50 pouches are commonly enclosed to the package.

Please, watch a brief video presentation, provided by the manufacturer.

Product Information:

  • dimensions: 11.8*5*3.8 in.;
  • weight: 4 pounds;
  • mechanism: lever-powered;
  • material: metal.

  • easy to use;
  • crushes multiple pills efficiently;
  • easy to clean.

  • not compact design;
  • not travel-friendly;
  • requires some muscle strength;
  • lack of storage space.



2. HCL Tablet Crusher


The pill grinder that is promoted by HCL company is a new product on the market. It still has not been heavily reviewed and rated by customers. Meanwhile, the item is affordable, lightweight and easy to use.

Durability and Cutting Mechanism

The mechanism is made of die-cast metal, enamel coated. Therefore, it’s reliable and durable.


The crusher is lightweight and compact. It is good for travelers, simple and attractive.

Ease of Use

The product is provided with a unique, ergonomic handle that follows your hand shape. It allows you crush the pills with little efforts. Pills are crushed in single-use plastic bags.

The crusher is suitable for patients that suffer from arthritis. However, it requires some hand strength.

Ability to Grind Large Pills

No storage is available. So, it’s preferable to grind only 1-2 tablets per time.


The crusher is very affordable, but the price is a bit excessive for the device of this type.

The product comes with 50 plastic bags.

Product information:

  • weight: about 11 ounces.

  • lightweight and compact;
  • easy to use;
  • durable;
  • no spillage or contamination.

  • a bit pricey;
  • some hand strength is required.



3. Metal Pill Crusher

Durability and Cutting Mechanism

The device is made of die cast metal. So, it’s very durable and reliable.


The crusher is compact, but a bit larger than its counterparts. The weight is also a bit more than the similar plastic devices. The metal finish looks great and stylish.

Ease of Use

The grinder is easy to clean and use. It comes with an innovative hinge and rubber stoppers. You just need to squeeze the handle that is ergonomic and convenient.

However, you are to do it several times to crush a pill. Plastic bags are enclosed, so contamination is eliminated.

The Ability to Grind Large Pills

Only one pill is recommended to be grinded per time. The storage is absent, so there is no place for several tablets.


The price is excessive for a manual pill crusher, even for such a durable and reliable one.

Please, watch a video review for your information.


  • die cast metal case;
  • enhanced durability;
  • innovative design.

  • a bit large for a manual crusher;
  • excessive price.



4. eNNOVEA Power Pill Grinder


The product that is marketed by eNNOVEA Company is really powerful and easy to use.

Therefore, this electric pill grinder is very popular and recommended for elderly people and families with small children.

Durability and Cutting Mechanism

The device is made of non-toxic materials. The grinding mechanism (cartridge) is made of stainless steel, ensuring reliable operation and durability.

It crushes the tablets into fine powder efficiently. Additionally, internal parts can be disassembled for disinfection and cleaning. The case is made of ABS plastics. The product is FDA approved.

The grinder comes with a reliable AC adapter and 3 AAA rechargeable batteries. So, it’s long-lasting and reliable. Two plastic cups for storing pills and powder are also included.


The device is really compact and lightweight. Due to its pocket size, the grinder can be taken with you anywhere.

Ease of Use

The device is portable and easy to use. It is suitable for elderly people, children, patients that suffer from dysphagia, caregivers and pets. The operation is safe, because it doesn’t work without the front lid.

The pill is ground straight over the food or beverage when the rear cover is removed. It is possible to clean the parts cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand. Inspection window is designed to check when the pills are fully ground.It takes only a few seconds.

The Ability to Grind Large Pills

The device is able to grind two pills simultaneously. However, only uncoated tablets are allowed. Gelatin coating can gum up the grinding mechanism and the pills won’t be crushed efficiently.


Very affordable.
Product information:

  • dimensions: 2.62*4.88*1.2”;
  • weight: 1.6 pounds;
  • type: electro mechanical;
  • batteries type: AAA, rechargeable, 12V.

  • portable and lightweight design;
  • easy to clean;
  • safe operation;
  • convenience;
  • both batteries and adapter can be used.

  • too small grinding chamber;
  • not able to grind coated tablets.



5. Equadose Pill Grinder


The product is obviously the most robust, heavy-duty, fast and powerful. It is made in the USA, by a small, family-owned business. It was founded by the people who had longtime experience in healthcare, being well-versed in all nursing nuances.

Durability and Cutting Mechanism

The grinder’s case is made of aircraft aluminum. The shaft and the handle are made of stainless steel; the conical burrs are made of robust ceramics. Thus, the pill grinder is extremely durable, reliable and built to last. Additionally, it’s robust and customer-friendly. The craftsmanship is top-quality.


The crusher design is perfect and attractive, similar to a coffee grinder. However, the device is pretty large, difficult to travel with.

Ease of Use

The device is effortless to use. Don’t twist your hands down, trying to crush the tablet fast and efficiently. Just turn the handle and the work will be done!

The crusher is suitable for feeding tubes. The medicine is ground into the finest powder, making it easy to flush down the tube and swallow. A lid and a removable jar (a detachable, transparent storage) for the pills and powder storage are available. The grinder is easy to clean.

Additional jars can be purchased.

Ability to Grind Large Pills

Multiple tablets of any size and shape can be easily crushed at once. The grind size is adjustable (using an adjustable knob). So, less fine powder is possible, if you need it.

Cost – 5

The price is affordable for the top-quality, heavy-duty, durable and easy-to-use product.
Product information:

  • dimension: 1.9*1.9*3.8 in.;
  • weight: 6.4 ounces.

  • custom burrs;
  • fast and easy to use;
  • aircraft aluminum exterior;
  • lifetime warranty;
  • sufficient storage space;
  • durable and heavy-duty.

  • large and awkward to travel;
  • some parts are difficult to clean;
  • the handle is sometimes difficult to turn.


Thus, we have reviewed the most popular, efficient, easy to use pill crushers, highlighting their basic features, benefits and drawbacks. We recommend devices of both manual and electric types, compact and heavy ones.

Some of them are able to grind multiple tablets at once, large and small by size. The other ones are designed only to crush 1-2 uncoated pills. Meanwhile, all of them are safe, reliable and affordable.

The devices are suitable for elderly people, pets and small children, patients that suffer from various diseases. That’s why, the best pill crusher is to be available in any house, apartment, hospital or healthcare facility.

So, why don’t you select a good, suitable product for your own needs or to present is a gift for your loved one right now?

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