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Women, since forever, have been beauty conscious. They have always tried their best to get their hands on the best and most effective ways to look pretty. However, it is pretty evident that beauty standards keep changing with time. Things that were once considered ‘in demand’ are no longer desirable. Style is always subjective to the feelings of the people at that moment and the things trended by social media. Ever since the advent of social media, one can say that new trends get viral quite quickly, and everyone wants to follow them to look cool. The most recent trend that has been applauded by the female population all around the world is ‘the plump lips’.

Now the reasons behind the popularity of bigger lips can be a lot! It can either be connected to the viral pictures of Kylie Jenner spotting big lips or the fame enjoyed by the plastic surgery. But surgery isn’t going to be an option for everyone – some may choose to have red light therapy for lips instead to achieve a similar, fuller effect. Those who don’t have the means to spend lots of money on a good plastic surgeon, opt for lip plumpers that come for a lesser amount of money. There is now even hyaluronic acid for lips that people can use for a plumper pout on the go.

However, if you want something permanent, and yet do not want to spend a lot of money, you can select Sandra McGill as your desirable option. This clinic offers a wide range of services including lip plumming, breast augmentation, thigh gap provision and a lot more. Nonetheless, lip injections are surely what it is known for.

Product image Product Name Colors available Weight Product link
NYX Professional Makeup Plump Nine 3.2 ounces View on Amazon
Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Injection Extreme Five 1.6 ounces View on Amazon
All-Natural Lip Plumper Gloss Six 0.8 ounces

View on Amazon
Lip Plumper for Fuller & Hydrated Lips by KIMI

Four 0.6 ounces View on Amazon
Smashbox O Plump:


0.8 ounces View on Amazon

However, if you still do not want to have a needle used on your lips, you can always get your hands on the lip plumpers available in the market. Some of the best options from which you can select your desired one are as follows:

Makeup Plump by NYX Professional:

One of the most sought after companies in the world of beauty products is NYX. Known for its quality products, it comes up with. The company’s lip plumpers are quite desirable among women. They come in nine different shades which make choosing one amongst them quite an easy task for the buyers.

Once these lip plumpers are applied, you might feel a bit of a tingling situation. This is when the product actually works in making your lips appear bigger and sexier. Once the tingling ends, you start seeing the transformation of your small lips turning into big ones immediately.

The lip plumpers by NYX can also be considered as a lip gloss. The shine that comes with this plumper is no less than the one that is given by a lip gloss. This, it’s a two in one situation to the least.

Each shade that the company has launched for the customers comes with a hint of glitter. This glitter further makes it worth having a product by giving you a shiny look without making it look awkward and gauche. Rather, it gives a good definition to your lips which further enhance the beauty of your lips.

Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Injection Extreme:

The lip plumper that has been launched by too faced cosmetics is really no less than a lip injector as it gives you plump lips for many hours. The effects that these lip plumpers come with are so real that people would actually think you have gotten them from the most experienced plastic surgeon of your area.

The formula with this product has a good quantity of collagen. Collagen helps the lips have a healthy plump by themselves. Not only this but it also contains the ability to boost the collagen which further makes the lips appear fuller and reduce the lines on them to the max. along with this, the moisture given by these plumpers to the lips further enhance the reliability of these products.

The items used in the making of this plumper are extremely natural and original. They include the avocado oil as well as jojoba oil which hydrate the lips and improve their overall quality. A plumper pout along with extra moisture provided by this product by two-faced is surely a worth having an item in your beauty box.

All-Natural Lip Plumper Gloss

The lip plumper introduced by All Natural is somewhat different from others. For this product, it is necessary for you to keep using it constantly for at least two weeks. Once the two weeks end, you will be able to see a visible difference in the volume of your lips. This is somewhat a semi-permanent result that stays with you for some days.

The lip fillers and all the extra procedures that you go for are redundant now as this product gives you a safer way of getting sexy lips. It includes natural products that you can fully rely upon. If you are a fan of the strawberry flavor, this company treats you with a number of shades in this color making it possible for you to go for a new shade every day.

The results that come with this product are phenomenal! You do not have to worry about the fake plump that most of the products give to the lips. Rather, this product is highly natural in its synthesis and also gives natural look to the lips.

The shimmery look that these lip products give to your lips set you apart from others in a crowd. Making your look attractive and appealing, these products are surely worth having in your beauty box. This long-lasting formula stays on your lips for the entire night no matter how much fun you have had throughout the night.

Lip Plumper for Fuller & Hydrated Lips by KIMI

KIMI being one of the most reliable beauty products provides some of the best lip products available in the market. These plumpers include natural ingredients and provide users with unharmed plumpness.

The ingredients used by the company in this product all the essential oils and collagen that naturally not only give plumpness to the lips but at the same time keep them well moisturized. The hydration, furthermore, wipes away all the lines on the lips. This makes them appear younger, softer and vibrant.

You can wear these lip plumpers both solo as well as by pairing them with another lip color. When you wear it solo, you get nice, natural plumpness on your lips. On the other hands, pairing it with another lip color gives you radiant looks which further add to your overall beauty. The moisture as well as the radiance that your lips feel after application is surely a winner.

If you have extremely chapped lips which get even worse during the winter season, you can easily use this plumper in order to give a boost of moisture to them. the extra hydration provided to your lips by this product is an add on which you get in a very minimal price range. Thus, if you make it a ritual to apply it every day, you will end up with extremely beautiful, well moisturized and sexy lips.

Coming with a price tag of a mere $ 24.99, it has enough product to stay with you for months. Thus, it saves you from the annoyance of having to buy it again and again.

Smashbox O Plump:

Smashbox is quite popular for its quality products that are available in quite an affordable price range. The lip plumper offered by Smashbox is quite famous in the world of beauty products. Though, after applying it, you do feel a rather strong tingling sensation, but it surely tells that the product is working on your and is about to show its charm on your lips.

The lip plumper by Smashbox does not, like other products, give a sticky feeling to the wearer. Neither is the lip gloss too shinny to make others scare away from you. These plumpers are quite natural in their appearance on your lips and surely stay intact for a very long period of time.

Being extremely natural and including non-harming ingredients, these plumpers come with a natural scent that further enhance their capability to make you appear attractive. Whatever flavor do you choose, you get the scent of the flavor which is neither too strong to repel people not too light.

Safety of the wearer is what the company aims for and these lip plumpers do not possess any element in them which could be even slightly harmful to the person wearing them. apart from a tingling sensation that goes away in some time, nothing about this product is either harmful or panicking.

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