Short Purple Hair

Its time to talk purple and this is one color that everyone will agree with, stands out. No matter the color band or brightness, purple stand out color even when muted on dark hair. It is even more electrifying when monotoned, bright wit depth.

Purple is a color to stand out with, it’s not just a Granny color, and yes, we have that issue too. Purple is a color for all ages and purposes and can be either fun, mysterious or a downright statement.


Natural purple in nature can be found in Amethyst, plums, eggplants and some variety of flowers. The original purple dye, named Tyrian Purple was first recorded being used by Ancient Phoenicia in what is now Lebanon. It is made from the mucus of the spiny dye-murex snail and was so expensive to make, it became the color of Greek, Roman and later European royalty, it is also mentioned in the Bible as being one of the colors used in the building of the first Temple and as one of the royal colors used by the Kings of Israel. (Argaman).

Purple as a natural color is rare in nature, and this rarity is what made it so desired by ancient cultures. Its rarity made it so desired that purple was associated with royalty and in some civilizations, only royalty could wear purple, as it signified their rank.

Purple is not a spectral color; Violet is what is seem in light waves, purple is a combination of red and blue and as such is a composite color.

Purple Hair

Hair is an amazing medium to work with, even more so when dealing with individual hairstyles. No too hair react the same and style the same, this is due to both the hair structure and the facial structure. Hairstyling is not just about hair; it’s about matching the hair to the face, matching the face to the hair and making a statement for each occasion and purpose.

Short Purple Hair:

Purple Highlights

One way to extenuate the color of your hair and to bring out an ethereal beauty that is full of mystery and allure is by using purple as a highlight. These highlights can be manipulated for every type of hair and every color of hair as well as the different shades of purple.

In this first photo, we have a slight purple highlight on dark hair, you will notice how the hair seems like it’s on fire, and that is the effect sought by in this style.

Another version of purple highlights is the stunning use of dark curly hair with delicate purple meshed into the natural color; you can’t tell where the natural color begins, and the purple dye ends; which adds depth and allure to the design. If you know how to color your hair, you can also try it at home. However, you may want to use nitrile gloves such as those from unigloves to protect your hands from chemicals found in hair dyes. Hair combined with flawless make-up becomes even more alluring and can even highlight the purple highlights.

Whole Purple (Solid Purple)

As I started out and stated, purple, as with any other color, comes in different depths and tones. Whole color hair is the ultimate way to show the full power of purple off, and here is the first example of a magical purple hair expression. In this design, you get a totally mystical, sensual, and even dangerous looking design, where the color is used to compete with the model’s light blue eyes and light skin tone. This is a dark use of purple and aims to make purple dark and mysterious, signaling you to be aware and in awe.

In the next photo, you get a totally different look form the same use of the color, a solid purple hair design, but this time to deliver a fun, carefree; I am here style. This bright, vibrant short curly fire style expresses the wearer’s desire for both being bold as well as fun. This is not a soft look, in this instance purple is not used as a soft color. The model is expressing her strength and place in society by showing off a royal flame, close cut and vibrant. This statement looks, stand back, be in awe, I am here for you to see.

In the next photo, we have a short hairstyle, cut to deliver a no-nonsense yet softer image. This design delivers a darker shade of purple for a more academic or professional look. Yes, its purple, but it is neither mysterious or sultry. This is a cheeky purple style, aimed to show off the intelligence and awareness of the model and how purple can be just another hair color.

Layered purple

Unlike highlights, layering is the application of different levels of the same color. There are many ways to layer color, including the change in tone to the change in color depth. Different versions of purple can be used to create a different color mesh, or the same color of purple can be used with layered toning and brightness and depth. In this model style, you can see the use of a deep root color with a slow fade to a nearly white tone. This delivers a young ethereal look associated with nature and magic. It is not about power but about the delicacy of the color purple and its gentle touches in nature.

Short and Purple

Layered and Highlighted

In this layered and highlighted version, there are different tones of the same vibrant purple mixed with the model’s natural hair color. This is where hairstylists need to be at their best game, The creativity and artistry that can be reached when mixing layers, highlights and using all the different effects that light and shape has on hair is what separates a hair stylist from a barber.

The use of purple can deliver a fiery effect, as we can see in this model cut. This is a classical use of deep to light layering with highlights over natural dark hair color.


Purple is the color for sticking out, even when it is muted and melts into your natural color. Purple is noticed, it is sensual even when muted and it will always draw attention.
Whether you’re in a city or a beach, your hair would make you stand out from the rest and give you the picture that you’d want. However, you should factor in how long should you wait to swim after dying your hair, because it might run color and that might ruin the look and you might embarrass yourself in the process. So, be sure to use premium hair dyeing products so that they might last long even if you go to the beach or at the pool.

There are so many different versions of purple and many companies provide access to different purple shades. To conclude this review of short purple hair, I present to you a list of the different shades of purple hair dye that can be found.


Lilac is a delicate purple color it is light and is best suited for light complexions and pastel hairstyles.

Pastel Purple

Pastel purple is a great soft and super-light shade. This is an eye-pulling color, it will stick out on any skin complexion, but it looks amazing with blonde.


Lavender gives you the natural purple found in nature, it is a true mix of blue and red, and is a light, electric and energizing color. This color will look perfect on any skin tone and is a great highlight and layering option.


This is an in-between purple color, light and dark, it depends on the depth you use, just like the crystal itself. This is a great color for use with brunettes and is also a great transitional color for layering between light to dark purple.


Now we enter the deeper tones of purple. Mauve is mature and can be used to signal sensuality and desire. This is a color to consider carefully, the signal you send out with this is alluring.

Smokey Purple

This is a tone used for dark hair and dark skin; smoky purple is darker than mauve but not too dark to look black. This is a great full-color tone as well as a dark hair layering color.


Eggplant is the darkest of purple tones, it is great for delivering that totally stunning sultry look, and when a complete non-layered or highlighted eggplant color is used, you will present a strong presence, your message will look but don’t touch.


This is the spectral purple, or just Violet, which is not really purple since it has its own light wavelength frequency called UV (ultraviolet). Yes, it’s that sunlight tanning light wave, and as the color suggests, if you have a deep violet hairstyle you will blind and burn all around you. You wear this to be seen!

Silver Purple

This is a less common combination and delivers a mature look. Silver purple is great for academics and business people seeking that refined yet risqué look.

Neon Purple

Yes, finally, I am here. Where would we be without the Tokyo Drift of colors? Neon Purple is the color for youth; it is a head-turning, eye-blinding I am here color, that works with all skin tones when used as a highlight or as a complete, solid color. If you have the guts to go all the way, this is the only purple color to go with.

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