Women in Tech Leadership is Good for Business – How to Achieve It

One of the industries that has not yet achieved gender equality is the technology industry. Male domination prevails at a large scale in this industry. You can witness women lagging behind in this sector. Of late, there is enhanced awareness of gender biases existence in the tech industry. The presence of more women is essential for the industry. Women have the power of introducing qualities like passion, multi-tasking, nurturing, empathy, etc. These qualities can transform the work culture of the tech sector, for example working in Denver managed it services or wherever they are in the world, to provide tech services to businesses. Scientifically, you could say that their brains work in a different way to men’s and this comes as an advantage to them, perhaps they might think outside the box or come up with some good ideas for businesses to thrive. Perhaps a new piece of software from companies like KWizCom for example. Once all this is taken into account it will be easier for women to integrate themselves into the industry and become appreciated by males in the industry as well. The inclusion of more women workforce will lead to new revolutions that highlight the requirements and desires of half of the population. Given below are the factors responsible for this and measures to change it:

Factors responsible for the gender gap

For several years, gender disparity plagued the technology industry. The industry provides lucrative job opportunities to mint more money. You also receive chances to introduce changes in the software-based future, especially as there is large change coming into certain sectors (with Legal’s Tech Attitude Finally Sorting Itself Out after all this time to name one example). But, you can still see that the industry employs a large number of males than females. Gender disparity has emerged as a grave issue in the industry. There are several factors responsible for this gap in the industry. These factors include odd working hours, families, gender bias, workplace culture, etc. The presence of a lesser women workforce in the technology industry has become a business issue now. It has its far-reaching consequences for the whole economy, companies, and women in particular.

When women employees quit their jobs the most in the tech industry?

The industry has taken some key initiatives to overcome this gender gap. Despite these steps, disparities are still visible. Take a look at the number of women entering the IT industry in comparison with the number of women reaching the pinnacle. It reflects the percentage of females at the entry-level in the tech industry is 30 percent. And, this number takes a sharp dip when it comes to reaching the peak level or leadership role. At the CEO level in several IT companies, only 5 percent of the women workforce grabs the top spot, according to the S&P 500 list. A whopping 56 percent of women workforce goes on to quit their jobs at the peak of their career, claimed S&P 500 list. The rate is double when compared with the quitting rate of males, according to the report of the National Center for Women and Information Technology. According to a Reuters study, 30 percent of tech executives have no women holding leadership positions. In the absence of female role models and sponsors, quitting rates at entry-level and middle level will not mark any improvement.

How women employees can prove a boon for the tech industry?

According to a research, companies with a stronger percentage of the female workforce holding leadership positions may outclass the average. There are some reasons for this. A large number of studies highlight that women have emerged better at calculating risks in comparison to their male counterparts. And, according to these risks they can take instant decisions. It has its own importance amid the continuously evolving global business environment. Second, mixed-gender leadership teams lead to diversity in thoughts which results in better decision making.

What needs to be done?

The real change must begin from the top level. It is of paramount importance for top leaders including males and females to maintain a clear stand on gender equality. Policies and procedures should be framed at the enterprise level that will ensure equality and diversity. It will play a vital role in the longer run. A few steps need to be taken to sort out gender bias and inspire more females to take up leadership roles.

  • Recognize the issue:

Now women don’t face such forms of sexism and partiality that they faced 10 years back. But, they come across a hint of prejudice and it prevails in more subtle forms now. The first and foremost thing is to identify these issues taking place in organizations. Males and females come to companies with different sets of requirements and expectations. Some companies have launched a women network to address the issue of gender disparity. just like The initiative will help in empowering and enabling women workforce to succeed. The step will bring together women from different professional backgrounds. They will share their own unique experiences, challenges, and winning moments. It will offer a forum for a female workforce where they can share their various needs and goals to achieve.

  • Make sensible choices:

New policies are coming into effect to provide an encouraging environment for females. These policies help in retaining female workforces as they grab leadership roles by introducing flexible work hours, maternity leaves, and work-from-home alternatives. These initiatives should not remain stuck to the company’s handbook. The organization must ensure the implementation of these policies at the earliest. You may come across some raised eyebrows as women leave from her desk a little earlier. This is a shortcoming in the organization which is not confined to a particular employee. The management can resolve such issues through dialogue and sensitizing your employees towards gender issues.

  • Producing opportunities for better growth:

As women grow, the number of opportunities shrinks in an organization. The tech industry tries to sort out gender disparity in a leadership role by recruiting more women leaders. The industry hires women leaders at vital positions like human resources, legal marketing, etc. These initiatives hold importance but real change will come when women leaders grab roles in engineering, client services, and sales. The creation of better opportunities for females will help in breaking this vicious cycle of the gender gap.

  • Examine:

It is crucial to examine the gender ratio and percentage of female workers at every level in the organization. You must check how many female workers you have hired and how many you have retained. It will give you a clear view of your organization’s status and help you asses where growth is hindered. You will also find the grey areas where steps need to be taken to make the organization more women-friendly. The requirement for talent is surging as more companies rely on technology. The companies will find it difficult to meet the growing demands of the digital economy if they fail to tap the potential of the female workforce. This is the same with foreign employment because having connections from all around the world brings much more success to businesses; hence why companies like peakpeo.com set out to help manage these branches using technology. These milestones in the tech industry will have companies raking in more recognition and therefore more income every year. They just need to get past accepting that the female brain can be a vital addition to any team in this industry.


It is time to analyze and take effective steps to eliminate gender bias. Gender bias will not only prove detrimental for the company but for the economy as well. The women workforce can take up the managed IT solutions with ease and help the companies achieve their goals. Women in tech leadership can help companies register strong growth.

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