Toning the arms is surely the most difficult task for those who want to reduce some weight. Being healthy, obese, and overweight can surely be owing to some medical condition. There are times when, no matter how much one tries, they might not reduce the weight. This implies that there is something else contributing to the weight gain, which could also be some hormonal factors.

This is why it is always important to rule out any medical condition that might be hindering you from losing weight before actually jumping on the bandwagon of gym freaks.

The main aim and goal of the people inclined towards exercising are to lose all the extra weight or fat accumulated in one part of the body. In order to reduce that accumulated weight, one needs to not only get habitual of exercising daily but also has to ensure having good food. A diet that contains all the necessary nutrients and is low-carb in nature helps in reducing the weight and restricts further addition to it.

However, even if after vigorous exercise and the required changes in lifestyle do not help you out; you can always get aid from Dr. Brutus who is a hand surgeon expert. Over the last many years, he has had a lot of successful cases where he ensured proper diet plans and exercise routine provided to his clients to get rid of that extra flab. Easily approachable and very nominal in his dues, he is the one who can surely help you out of the quagmire of fat.

In case you need to get off that extra flab on your arm yourself, there are a few exercises that you can utilize for achieving the end goal. However, you may have to keep in mind to take things slow, and include some warmup exercises in your routine. It can ensure that you don’t end up with any hand injury like pulled muscles, sprained wrist, dislocated joint, etc., or else you might have to consult a professional doctor.

1) Curling biceps:

This is a pretty simple exercise that needs the movement of dumbbells in a light manner. All you need to do is to get your hands on low weight dumbbell and then hold them in each of your hands. Once done, you need to straighten your backs while making sure your chest is upright. Now, bend the elbows but ensure the stationary position of your arms. Once done, you need to put weight on the lower back. Keep repeating this process for ten minutes. Though it is a bit strenuous, you would surely see results once you are habitual of performing it.

2) Straight rows:

Now, this is a pretty light exercise that you can do at any point of time in the day. All you need to do is to keep the feet apart from each other according to the gap in your two shoulders. Before doing that, you need to hold your dumbbells. Next, raise the dumbbells, in each hand, above the elbow and move all the way to the chest. After this first step is done, the second step requires you to move your hands, with the dumbbells, all the way down towards the waist of yours. Ensure to repeat this exercise at least ten times in order to get optimal results.

3) The rear move:

For this exercise, you need your dumbbells once again. Holding each one in your every hand, you need to move them apart just according to the gap in your shoulders. This will further lead to your knees bending down. Once done, move a bit forward and bend. Now move upwards and compress the blades of your shoulder. As it is a strenuous exercise, you are required to repeat it five times only.

4) Triceps extensions:

While having two dumbbells in each of your hands, you need to move all your body mass to still and keep your arms stiff. Once done, move the dumbbells close to one another and bring all your weight towards the rear side of the head. You need to retain this position for a few moments and then bring your arms to the original position. Repeat at least thrice for the best results. In addition, try barbell skull crushers to get the best results for your triceps.

5) Bicep planks:

Undoubtedly the most beneficial exercise, it brings out the best results for you in a very short period of time. For this particular exercise, you need to hold weight in both your hands and get down in the pose of planks. Now keep your body uptight in that position while bending your elbow down. Now very slowly you need to shift your weight towards one of your shoulders. Repeating it for more than five times will provide you with the best possible results.

6) Curl squats:

Another highly advantageous exercises that of curl squats. For that, you need to have an upright position while standing you and keep your feet apart from each other to the maximum. Now keeping the weights in each of the hand, you need to move your hips down. This should be done to the level where the thighs go in equivalence to the ground. However, ensure to lower the weight immediately or else you might get a sprain! Exhaling at this position will give you great strength. Once done, move ahead and bring the weights to the original position. This exercise should be repeated ten times.


Losing weight, at times, gets quite a hectic thing for a lot of people. No matter you are a girl or a boy, having a fit body is what everyone yearns for. This is, however, possible only through the right form of lifestyle and regular exercise. Weight training, for a very long time, has been popular amongst the people aiming to lose weight. They go for it as a test trial and then get hooked to it. Eventually, they attain what they want! In order to tone the arms, it is essential to opt for weight training as it is the only way you can get them toned in a small period of time. Though it is a bit strenuous, it is surely worth all the effort and time put into it.

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