Best fashion glasses for women review in 2019

Is there someone who does not need a good pair of sunglasses as the summer season is approaching? Indeed everyone is in need of a pair which can last for the entire season. So, sunglasses are not only a need but also a fashion statement nowadays. You can also find the takumi easy clip to wear glasses all day long.

Most of them are layered with the best and special material to protect you from the harsh UV sun rays which can damage the eyesight, causing you to potentially have laser eye surgery with SharpeVision. It’s also important to be aware that it’s not just the sun that can damage your eyesight, as you can experience eye strain if you are required to stare at a computer screen for long periods of time without having the necessary precautions. Luckily, places like Felix Gray have a wide selection of choices when it comes to finding suitable glasses that can help to protect your eyes from the blue light of a computer screen. When it comes to the sun though, you need a different type of protection. As there are a lot of options available when you are looking for sunglasses, it can be confusing to pick one. Here are some of the best fashion glasses for women in 2019 which you can consider depending upon your preference and style.


Photo Product Name Dimensions Weight Amazon Link
VIVIENFANG Color Mirrored Oversized Cateye Sunglasses Fashion Polarized Shades 5.9 x 5.5 x 2.2 inches 5.6 ounces View on Amazon

5.8×5.4×2.3 inches .96 ounces

View on Amazon

Joopin Fashion Cat Eye Sunglasses


6.7 x 1.6 x 2 inches 2.4 ounces View on Amazon


2 x 2 inches 6.4 ounces View on Amazon

Duco Womenâ  s Classic Oversized Polarized Sunglasses WOMEN’S CLASSIC POLARIZED SUNGLASSES BY DUCO

6.9 x 3.4 x 2.6 inches 6.4 ounces View on Amazon


6.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches 2.4 ounces

View on Amazon


7 x 2.5 x 4 inches 7.2 ounces View on Amazon


6.7 x 2.7 x 2.4 inches 4.8 ounces View on Amazon


5.6 x 2 x 1.8 inches 4 ounces View on Amazon

Women’s Oversize Cat Eye Sunglasses By Vivienfang

Vivienfang cat eye sunglasses are a unique pair for women to get protection for their eyes from the sun rays. It comes with a polarized shield on the sunglasses which work effectively in protecting from the UV rays. It has a durable plastic frame which lasts for years.

There are two color choices for you to pick such as the pink lens and brown lens. These both are anti-reflective which never irritates the eyes. If you are finding the optimal sunglasses for you this summer, this product is the best one to try.

Standout Features:

  • Available in dual colors
  • Long lasting plastic frame
  • Polarized protection for eyes

Chelsea Rose Gold Colored Sunglasses By Michael Kors

The Chelsea Michael Kors gold sunglasses are built with style and sturdy frame. It has a sporty rose gold color with the metallic frame. These glasses provide complete protection from UV rays with being fashionable and light in weight. It is a durable piece which will last with you for a lifetime as the trend of this style never ends.

Standout Features:

  • Strong metal frame
  • Light in weight
  • UV protected frame

Fashionable Cat Eye Sunglasses By Joopin

There is a wide range of variety with the Joopin cat eye sunglasses. It is available in various color options including pink, leopard, blue, black, silver and brown. The price of these sunglasses is relatively cheaper as compared to others with a perfect build. The metal is durable and suits best with all face shapes. Moreover, it provides UV protection for the eyes so the sun rays cannot affect them negatively.

Standout Features:

  • Various colors options
  • Long lasting metal frame
  • UV protection 100%

New York Popular Rectangular Sunglasses By Kate Spade

The popularity of Kate Spade does not need any explanation. It is a spectacular pair of sunglasses which you should have in your collection. The sunglasses are polarized with 100% UV protection to prevent any damage to the user eyes.

There are numerous colors available for fashionable sunglasses with a durable plastic frame. The material is composite which can help the sunglasses last for years if you take care of them the right way.

Standout features:

– Available in different colors

– Strong plastic frame

– Long lasting

– Polarized lenses

Women’s Classic Polarized Sunglasses By Duco

The classic Duco oversized sunglasses are a perfect match for anyone to wear with any outfit during summer season. It is a high fashion statement which adds up to your personality with UV protection when you are outside in the sun.

The sunglasses are polarized and are available in five different colors. The frame is made out of metal which lasts longer if taken care properly. The company also offers 30 days money back guarantee if any of the sunglasses’ part breaks or damages while it is in use.

Standout features:

  • Available in five different colors
  • UV protection
  • Money back guarantee in 30 days

Cat Eye Women Sunglasses By Feisedy

If you want the perfect style for summers, Feisedy cat eye women sunglasses is a must in your collection. The cat eye shape of the sunglasses looks fabulous on any face shape. It has colored mirrored lens so no one can see your eyes behind it.

There are 14 amazing colors available in these sunglasses for you to pick. The lenses are non-polarized and have 400UV protection. It is light in weight, resistant to scratches and durable sunglasses. You will also get a storage case and cleaning cloth with the purchase of these sunglasses for the right care of it.

Standout features:

  • Additional accessories
  • 14 different colors available
  • Fashionable and stylish design
  • Inexpensive

Women’s Polarized Sunglasses By Eye Love

There are two styles for these sunglasses. One is the sleek black, and the other one is a brown turtle shell. These sunglasses come with both UVB and UVA protection. The lenses are polarized with making the lens glare-free while driving or any adventure outdoors. The frame is durable and lasts longer with a 100% user satisfaction guarantee.

Furthermore, you will get a free hard case, soft case, eye health eBook, cleaning cloth and screwdriver to fix the sunglasses with the purchase of eye love sunglasses. Well to make it more interesting, eye love also offers free eye exam for the person who is purchasing the sunglasses along with giving one free if someone is in need.

Standout features:

  • 100% guarantee of satisfaction
  • UV protection
  • Comes with extra accessories

Women Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses By Sunny&Love

Sunny&love sunglasses come in the retro style which is comfortable to wear. They are fashionable and in trend nowadays which most females love to wear. You will get 100% UV protection from these sunglasses along with choosing one from five different colors. It has five lens color available as well so you can customize it according to your need. Moreover, you will get a free cleaner and carrying pouch with the purchase of these sunglasses.

Standout features:

  • UVprotection
  • Stylish and fashionable
  • Accessories for free

Semi-rimless sunglasses by Joopin

One of the best sunglasses pair is by Joopin which you can consider during the hot summer and harsh UV rays. The rimless Joopin sunglasses have the HD polarized lenses which you will find comfortable to wear. There are a total of nine layers in the lens which work against glares, water, scratches and more. The sunglasses protect the eyes from UV rays along with being durable and comfortable.

Standout features:

  • UV protection
  • Lenses are polarized
  • Fashionable
  • Affordable

What to look for while choosing women’s fashionable sunglasses

Before purchasing a pair of sunglasses, you have to consider some of the things so that you do not end up wasting the money and time, obviously. Women are conscious about their fashion, so it is necessary that you have enough information before you get something which you end up throwing away. When you are aware of these factors, then it will become easier for you to choose the right sunglasses pair for yourself.


The first thing to notice is the style of the glasses that whether it suits your face shape or not. There are some standard sunglasses which fit all types of face shapes, but you have to check according to yours individually. There are different colors, shapes, styles, and designs which may or may not suit you. There is no perfect style which you can choose, but it depends upon your choice which you like and how it looks on you.

Size of Frame and Fitting

There are three main measurements of the frame size such as bridge, eye and temple size. You have to see the ones which fit your face under these three categories. If you have a small face, then you have to look for the small frame which fits and settles well.

UV Protection

This is one of the main things which you should consider sunglasses as you do not want the sun rays to affect your eyes. There should be a 100% block from the UV rays in the lenses. It would be better if it has UVA and UBA both in it. You can remain safe from eye damage, and it is a critical feature which you should look for in the sunglasses.

The material of Frame and Lens

Mostly the frames are made out of metal, plastic, polycarbonate or nylon. If you talk about the lenses, those are made out of either glass, plastic, acrylic, polycarbonate or polyurethane. All of these materials are comfortable to wear and fit according to the style of sunglasses. You have to pick the material which helps you see clearly, so it does not matter which one you choose as long as you are at ease with it.


Polarization helps in decreasing the glare in the glasses and it makes the glasses safe while you are driving or having an outdoor adventure so if you have such preference, look for it specifically.


Price is always a consideration for a buyer to think along with the quality of sunglasses. Before you purchase, spend some time inspecting the sunglasses which fit your needs and also settles to the ongoing fashion trends.

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