What Are the Best Pets for Single Women?

Just because you are single does not mean you can’t have companionship. Fortunately, we have pets to fill the void of a loving human partner. Pets are some of the greatest blessings this world has to offer. Especially dogs. From smaller breeds like a Lhasa Apso or a Terrier to the larger Great Dane or Newfoundland; there is a dog for everyone.

Nothing is better than coming home to a companion who is always excited to see you. Moreover, having a pet is a great learning opportunity in responsibility, appreciation and love. Singledom does not last forever. However, adopting a pet when you are single can create a lifelong bond.

1. Husky

One of the best pets for a single woman is a husky. Apart from being absolutely majestic to look at, huskies are great outdoor dogs. When you are single, you might feel like you miss having someone to do outdoor activities with. With huskies, you do not have to call up anyone to see if they want to join you on a hike or a run around the park. A husky would gladly fulfill that position.

Huskies are also exceptionally loving and loyal dogs. So, on those nights you might be missing a bit of affection your husky could be a great cuddle partner.

However, the thing about huskies is that they can also be pretty independent dogs. This means that they tend to follow their own instincts. So, they might be hard to train at first, but given time, they can be some of the most well-trained pets out there.

2. Golden Retriever

We couldn’t have a best pets list without mentioning golden retrievers. Golden retrievers are the golden children of the dog world. They are easily one of the most lovable and loyal dog breeds out there.

Golden retrievers are devoted creatures and you will definitely never feel lonely with one around. Even better, dog veterinarians have listed golden retrievers as one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

Originally bred to hunt, a golden retriever needs a lot of exercise to keep them healthy and focused. So, much like a husky, a golden retriever will be on the best running and hiking partners you can find. Their level of activity will push you to match that, especially if you are struggling to push yourself to be more active.

Smart, loyal, loving, and energetic. What more could you ask of a dog?

3. Cats

For the more work-focused single woman, a cat is an ideal partner. Unlike dogs, cats are far more independent. They do not require you to take them on daily walks and are glad to spend most of their time sleeping. So, if you have a busy lifestyle, having a cat is fairly low maintenance job, and you can get CBD for your cat if they have any separation anxiety or the like when you’re at work. Still, you can still find cats who can give you high energy and fun when you need it.

Two great cat breeds to consider are an Abyssinian cat and a Bengal cat. An Abyssinian cat is one of the more playful cat breeds. They will definitely require a bit more of your attention, but you will have a sweet and spirited cat to entertain you.

A Bengal cat is also an extremely active cat breed, but they are also extremely warm-hearted. In other words, a Bengal cat will always enjoy your attention and pay it back in kind. Not to mention Bengal cats have such a distinct appearance that you will feel particularly fancy and exotic if you have one.

4. Guinea Pigs & Rabbits

What if dogs are too much of responsibility to you or you are allergic to cats? Don’t worry, there is still hope. Guinea pigs and rabbits are a great alternative to cats and dogs.

Guinea pigs and rabbits are animals that do not require daily outdoor activity. Instead, guinea pigs and rabbits only require a safe space in your home where they can roam around a play on their own. Granted, they are always up for a cuddle as often as you can.

However, the kicker about guinea pigs and rabbits is that they are very social creatures. Adopting multiple guinea pigs and rabbits and providing them with lots of toys is essential to keeping them entertained and engaged.

We particularly like the mini rex rabbit. Mini rex rabbits are some of the cutest rabbits out there. Even better, they are incredibly affectionate and curious. So, they are perfect for a night in with Netflix or for a quiet afternoon in the garden.

5. Birds

For those of you with a more exotic taste in animals, birds are great pet options. Birds can still provide the same amount of companionship and enjoyment as dogs, cats, and rabbits with a lot less work.

First of all, birds are incredibly intelligent animals. Birds have high-cognitive skills and strong problem-solving skills. This can be a great challenge for single women. Teaching your bird simple tricks and tasks can be a great way to practice responsibility and exercise patience. Moreover, exercising your bird’s intelligence allows you to build a bond with your bird.

On that note, birds are extremely social animals. With training and socialization, birds can be as loving and as affectionate as dogs and cats. In some cases, birds can become so attached to you that they will gladly accompany you anywhere.

Moreover, birds are a cost-effective pet. They are cheap to feed and do not require any grooming. All they really need are some cool toys to play with to keep them enriched. You can get these sorts of things from any pet shop, for example, https://ninosjava.com.au/. Whether it be food, toys or substrate. Furthermore, with proper stimulation, they can thrive in small places. Not to mention, birds live long lives so they can truly become your lifelong companion.


Besides the ones listed here, there are many other exotic pets like lizards that you might like to keep company. Bearded lizards are cute, easy to handle indoors, and make for one of the most adorable home pets. Being single, you are allowed to recenter yourself and sort through your priorities. And having a pet around is the best way to help you stay on track.

They can give you all the moral support you need to grow your self-confidence and be a better version of yourself.

If you are single and considering adopting a pet, we encourage you to evaluate the options we listed above. Each of these animals can make a fine lifelong companion for you. If you have any comments or questions, please share them with us.

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