Mac Nude Lipsticks for Sensational Look Here: Comparison and Buyer’s Guide!

Nude lipsticks are always on top. There is no way you can go without at least one of them. They are wonderful for any kind of event and you can wear them on an everyday basis.

PhotoProduct nameMore Information
1. MAC Pro Lipstick FLESHPOT1. MAC Pro Lipstick FLESHPOTMore Information
2. MAC Matte Lipstick - Naturally Transformed2. MAC Matte Lipstick - Naturally TransformedMore Information
3. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick - Creme d’Nude3. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick - Creme d’NudeMore Information
4. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick - Blankety4. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick - BlanketyMore Information
5. Mac Lipstick – Fresh Brew5. Mac Lipstick – Fresh BrewMore Information
6. Mac Lipstick – GRITTY GIRL6. Mac Lipstick – GRITTY GIRLMore Information
7. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick, Half 'N Half7. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick, Half 'N HalfMore Information
8. MAC Pro Lipsticks Collection – Satin Lipstick – Peachstock8. MAC Pro Lipsticks Collection – Satin Lipstick – PeachstockMore Information
9. MAC Viva Glam II Lipstick9. MAC Viva Glam II LipstickMore Information
10. MAC Caitlyn Jenner Limited Edition Lipstick, 0.1 oz10. MAC Caitlyn Jenner Limited Edition Lipstick, 0.1 ozMore Information
Mac is one of the most well-known and proficient brands on the market. That’s why I chose 10 Mac nude colors to review. There are options for every skin tone and undertone, so you can pick the ideal one for you.

Remember that the perfect product should be creamy and smooth. It allows playing with the look by adding layers and deepening the color.
If you want to dramatically increase the longevity of your look – always use lips primer under the lipstick.

Top 10 MAC nude lipsticks:

1. MAC Pro Lipstick FLESHPOT


Mac is famous for its highly pigmented and stunning lip color. They use the best elements to create a long-wearing and careful formula that is suitable for every customer.

This is a light pinkish shade that matches your skin tone or it can pale it out a bit. It is really up to you which look you are going for. It is not matte; there is a dazzling sheen to it that gives your lips extra attention.

The formula is light but covering. You can wear this Mac neutral lipstick for a long time without reapplication. It holds up really nicely and stays exactly where you put it.

It doesn’t smudge and doesn’t fade in patches.

This is a great option for the day-to-day routine to any kind of work or event. You will look equally spectacular on a job meeting and on the brunch with friends.

2. MAC Matte Lipstick – Naturally Transformed


In recent time, matte nudes have become a tremendous trend not only all over social media. They surely ruled over Instagram during 2017. And they are still on top. It is not a surprise – they look gorgeous and are commonly long-lasting.

Matte nude is a truly versatile choice to match any outfit and skin tone. This formula looks sheen in the tube but it dries quickly when applied.

The shade is enriched with brownish deep and warm undertone to make your lips astonishing in any lighting.

The texture is soft and comfortable to wear as it stays on and dries almost immediately. The pigmentation is good so you don’t really need to apply the second layer although you might want to deepen the tone.

This Mac nude matte lipstick is moisturizing and comfortable to wear. It fades out nicely – without any patches or flakes. Your lips will look brilliant without any chalky or ashy parts.

3. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick – Creme d’Nude


If you are looking for a rich and creamy texture that stays on for a long time, this item might be an exceptional choice for you. Is moderate shimmering formula provides the natural pinkish tone to your lips.

The product is hydrating and caring for your skin. You won’t experience any tight feeling when applied. It covers smoothly with a constant layer without flakes and patches. MAC made this one even more advantageous by adding vitamin supplies to it. The lipstick features vitamins E and C to really care about your lips.

The scent is amazing – it is a light vanilla smell and even flavor. This is surely a way to make your makeup routine a special experience.

This product is long-lasting itself, but the effect will be even better with the primer under it. It is generally high-quality formula that feels nice when applied. The pigmentation and texture make it very covering, so there is no need for additional layering.

4. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick – Blankety


This option is for those who are up for beige nudes. This is a light and thin texture with a soft pink shade. It features a ravishing sheen that catches incredible attention.

The formula is great, as it is always with MAC products. It doesn’t dry your skin and hydrates it. It is quite light so you might combine it with a two-shades-deeper liner to add extra volume to your lips.

This lipstick looks amazing in real life and under the flashlight of the camera – so if you’re looking for photoshoot makeup, take this option into consideration.

The formula holds on well and it’s pretty comfortable to wear. It smells nice and doesn’t smudge.

As the tone of this Mac nude lipstick is light, you may as well put an extra layer on, the texture allows some building up.

5. Mac Lipstick – Fresh Brew


This is a breathtaking product that features high-quality and wonderful brownish beige pigment. It is good for all-natural or without-makeup looks that are always popular. It is good to wear bright colors at night time or at a party, but they may be completely out of place in the daylight.

By the way, you couldn’t have noticed how many celebrities wore nude color lipsticks on the red carpet this year! So they are beautiful and suitable for any kind of event. So by going with this color, you can be sure to look spectacular all day long, especially because of the fact that it is a long-wearing item.

This is a perfect coffee-inspired shade with a luster finish. It gives you the right amount of sheen to make you look superb.

The texture is quite light and a bit transparent. But you can add an extra layer to make the color deeper. I would also recommend using it with the lip liner just in case you want to make your lips really “pop”. This product is simple in application.

6. Mac Lipstick – GRITTY GIRL


Another advantage of the nude shades is that they are more beneficial when it comes to overdraw lips. Have you heard of them? Not only are they trending right now. They are also an exciting option for those whose lips are rather thin.

Kylie Jenner is famous for her nude overdraw lips. And if you want to check out this technique yourself, you should try this product. Of course, you need to pair it together with a suitable liner. The idea is that the nude overdrawn lips don’t look too bold or too obvious, if compared to the bright lipstick shade effects.

The nude tone is more appealing and true to your natural skin color, so it won’t give away the fact the lips are overdrawn. Indeed, the line is quite thin between looking stunning and going way too far.

This product is smooth and the coverage is perfect. It goes well with any smoky eyes makeup and the everyday routine. It holds up well and there is no need for constant reapplication.

7. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick, Half ‘N Half


I personally like this one very much because it is amazingly soft and provides the natural look. You can simply apply it to create a no-makeup look. The formula is creamy and quite thick. The pigmentation is also very nice; I think that this shade of deep beige is fascinating.

The application is smooth and the whole lip is covered in even layers. You might reapply or build another layer but it is not necessary.

The product smells and feels good. The formula is moisturizing and cares for your skin. When you wear makeup every day, you might experience dry skin – a tight feeling that is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy. But you won’t face anything like that with this product. It is designed with the idea of makeup being as natural and caring as possible.

It is a high-quality product that is beneficial in many ways, although it might need some reapplication during the day.

8. MAC Pro Lipsticks Collection – Satin Lipstick – Peachstock


This is probably the best peach Mac lipstick on my list. If you are searching for a shade that is reminiscent of spring and freshness, this item is for you. The creamy texture is smooth in application. It looks magnificent on the people with warm undertones.

It is a fascinating shade with a satin finish. The product lasts and holds well. It is quite buildable and you can combine it with a primer or a liner to get into the details. The texture is light and doesn’t create a “chalky” look. There are no patches or any kind of unevenness. I need to admit that the shade fades away nicely, too. The pigment wears off altogether, not living spots on your lips.

This tone will be a perfect combination for an evening smokey eyes look. The nude allows it by giving more attention to eyes. You know that in makeup, it is always necessary to keep accents. You can’t really underline everything and not look ridiculous. The best idea is the combination of intense eyeshadows and liner together with bold nude lipstick. This is exactly how you get a sensational makeup.

9. MAC Viva Glam II Lipstick


This is a truly legendary shade that was created in the late 90-s by Mac. It is a pinked mauve lipstick that is versatile in appeal and rich pigment.

This is not only a versatile option for any kind of event or work meeting. It is known for its long-wear qualities. It really holds for the day and is extremely trustworthy. Basically, you might need to reapply it only after a meal unless you are eating very carefully.

This is an outstanding result as for a natural looking item that features no specific preservatives. There are some extremely long-term lipsticks on the market that claim to stay on for 24 hours. But they are generally unhealthy for the skin as they make it very dry. This product, on the other hand, is hydrating.

The texture is nice, soft and pigmented. It gives you an amazing velvet feeling when applied. The layer is even and smooth, it dries quickly.

The purplish undertones make this shade glamorous and really playful. Combining it with different liners, you can play around with the color and create ombre lips or other trendy makeup looks. It is no surprise that this model is the most popular Mac lipstick in this review.

10. MAC Caitlyn Jenner Limited Edition Lipstick, 0.1 oz


This option is a bit pricey. But first of all, it is an extremely high-quality item. And, secondly, it was created by the collaboration with Caitlyn Jenner. It is a limited-edition collection, not a mass product. This is, by all means, a designer product – a combination of unique vision and perfect formula.

This is an elegant and classic shade that complements you in the best way. It is definitely pinkish sheen that draws the attention to your lips!

Even the packaging feels luxurious with the combination of black and gold colors. The texture is creamy and hydrating, the feeling is just soft and amazing. The outstanding feature of this product is enriched pigmentation. The covering is fascinatingly smooth.

It holds pretty well, there is no heavy reapplication needed. You can flawlessly go through your day while looking stunning in this nude. It is a semi-sheen product that allows layering.

I would definitely recommend this Mac nude pink lipstick to those who have warm or neutral undertones to their natural skin color.


Mac is one of the most fascinating brands when it comes to makeup. They use top-rated elements and design first-class formulas to create something special. That’s why I’ve gathered top 10 Mac lipsticks to review.

Please remember to always take your skin undertone into consideration. You might go for your natural color and without-makeup look or pale out lips a bit. All the products on my list are hydrating and creamy, they are completely safe and protective.

I hope now you are ready for a stunning bold nude look!

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