Short Curly Weave Hair Styles

Short Curly Weave Hair Styles

One of the biggest issues in hairstyle is the constant desire to have what you don’t have. When you have straight hair, you want curls, and when you have curls, you want straight. However, there are many young ladies that recognize the God-given natural bounty that is curly hair and will use this amazing feature to extenuate their natural beauty.

There are a number of styles to consider with curly hair, and the size and density of curls provide the deciding factor to what is best suitable. However, there is one school of thought that states short curly weave hair will always be a perfect style for natural curls.

Short hair is the best way to show off your hairs full potential without all the fuss and effort to maintaining long locks. Short curly hair will fully appreciate the bounce and curls that can be defined with pixie cuts, crops, bobs, or lobs.

Take a look at some styles you can create for your short curly hair.

Bottom-Heavy Bob

This style brings you the heavy end bob and goes terrifically well with short bobs. Curly hair, especially delicate curls feature predominantly with this style, and you can even out the style with bangs. The bottom line is a wonderful volume and texture with very little effort.

Pixie Boy

This style is perfect for larger thicker curly hair. Thick curls can be primped and pumped up to their full volume with some hydrating mousse. This style has been popular since the roaring 20’s, and it will continue to feature as a leading style due to the amazing way it complements both the face and the hair equally.

21st Century Shag

Shag style has been around, well for as long as humans had hair. It is a natural looking style and the differences over time developed a sleeker look. This is the style for the fast dresser, it’s a quick shake of the head, and out you go.

Tousled Layers

Fun lovers, sun seekers, and general sporting girls love this style. It is both young and easy to maintain, as well as perfect for showing off those tousled, moussed locks that can be free to flow or set to stay. Whether you are in a boardroom meeting or on the Volleyball court, this style will turn heads.

Retro Short Bob  

Retro (or Vintage) is a style that comes back in cycles. What was once in fashion decades ago comes back in fashion decades later? As time goes by, fashion designers rely more and more on what was once to create what will be. In this instance, it’s the short bob from the fifties and sixties.  Those were the years of fluffing up and filling the voluminous coils with the body, and this is the modern take on that style.


There is nothing more alluring, sensual and sophisticated than a classical pixie hairstyle. It looks so amazing on oval-shaped faces, and many a starlet has stood out with this style. It’s a sportswoman’s favorite, as well as a business woman’s desire. That mixture of sleek, strong and yet feminine design turns heads more than any long hairstyle ever did. The pixie is for women that want to show off their face and natural beauty.


This style is created by stacking the heavy side with short layers. You get that sensual and artistic (Hellenistic) look that changes every time you move your head. This style is great for long curls, and you decide which side to skew based on which side of your face you want to show off more.

Stacked Bob

The stacked bob style is a classic design and is very popular at the moment. This is your country-girl design, and curly haired girls find this style easy to maintain and form. You can define and control the style with foam gel or mousse.

Layered levels

Layers and curls go together like strawberries and cream. Layers will give tons of volume to tiny or small formed curls.  Pump up your volume by using short mid-shaft layers, and get that innocent fairy princess look with this style.

Relaxed Centered Bob

There is nothing stronger yet soft than relaxed coils. This has been a Hollywood promoted style for decades and delivers both sensuality and sophistication. What it does is gives you the freedom to toss your hair without worries, and is a versatile style for everyday use.

Layered Coils

We described leveled layers; now it’s time for layered coils. This is a classic way for creating volume with those amazing natural or compact curls. This style started out in ancient Greece and can be seen on many a Mycenae jar and urn. It is what Helen of Troy and other great beauties through time used to make their appearance irresistible to men.

Baby Bangs

Only a strong woman will take on this strong style. Baby bangs is a style that mixes wispy bangs with blunt ones and creates an overall “je ne sais quoi” look. Yes, it means “I don’t know what” and this is the style that confuses everyone. You don’t know what it stands for other than expressing your curls in an innocent look, which hides your real serious and strong intent.

Mop Crop (Natalie Wood Style)

This is the style of artists. Yes, all those artistic creatures that create and design, and want just to run their hands through their lightly curly hair to brush it away as the concentrate on their creations. This is not as simple as it looks, the Mop Crop comes with larger back bangs and has a slight skew to make it more alive. Just like any artistic creation, it hides more detail that shows up the longer you look at it.

French Bob

Bonjour, have you taken the Paris metro at 7:30 am? You should, this style is very popular in Europe and has the word French added to it for a reason. This is a classic working woman’s style, it is fresh and lively and frames the face perfectly. At the same time, it is about being put-together while being unkempt, a sort of, I am a free but working statement.

Side-Swept Bob

It doesn’t matter which side you sweep your hair; this classic and immortal short hairstyle is a favorite of socialites, executives, and clubbers. The more curls you have, the more layers you use to create a voluminous and bouncy statement.

Ultra-Short Bob

Take that bob and cut it. This is the jaw-grazing bob that is designed to turn men into raging bulls. The sensuality of this style is not lost on its wearers, and they will do all kinds of cuts and variations to make this short bob as alluring as possible.

Curly Crop

We are getting shorter and curlier; this style is all about the curl. It is cut too short all around but maintains the curls delivers an extenuated bob. Essentially you show off your neckline, jaw, and cheeks with this amazing style. Guess what; this is a classic 1940’s design that will stay around for a very long while.

The Buzz

Yup, you don’t have time to deal with hair. You have curls, lots of tiny curls, amazing frizzy hair. You want to show it off but need to rush; you are running, working out, working, or just relaxing.  This is the no-nonsense, wake up and leave it hairstyle that lets you concentrate on everything else. The perfect style for slim and oval faces.

50’s Bob

Do you ever watch those amazing 50’s movies where the creature from the black lagoon is on the rampage and our victim screams with her hands up to her cheeks? Well, this is the hairstyle of those days, and it is a classic American Hollywood style with properly formed big-barreled curls. This is not a naturally curly hairstyle; this is a roller and dryer hairstyle that takes time and requires attention. If you are seeking attention, then this is the one for you.

Heavy Side-Swept Lob

To get this amazing look, you need to be bottom and side heavy. This is a very articulated design and delivers that stunning streets look, carefree hair in the wind even though its short look.


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