Best Cars for Single Women in 2019

Earlier the common norm was that women can’t drive. A lot of jokes and memes are still around describing how women are best in the passenger seats. However, with the changing times, many norms broke. “Car and men” are one of them that are fast becoming history now.

More and more women are now driving, and importantly, driving their own cars. They can get tradewise insurance from places like One Sure and off they go. While having insurance is important for protecting both the driver and the vehicle, owners should also consider other factors (like a parking space) for the safety of their automobiles. Moreover, keeping a car safe could not only reduce expenses but also can add more years to the life of the vehicle. Having regular checks ensures that a vehicle is functioning at its optimum level, this means looking at the wear and tear of seat belts (that may need repairing by companies like Safety Restore), checking that the dashboard lights are working correctly, testing the engine oil, the list is extensive because of what everyone will need to do to make sure that these cars last a long time.

That said, parking space plays an important role in protecting cars. Why? An automobile, which is parked outside can be exposed to harsh climatic conditions, which can be harmful. Also, due to the surge in the number of car thefts, parking in public places could be dangerous. That is why it would be prudent for car owners to consider options like garage construction. A garage can provide a vehicle safe parking space and can protect it from any kind of damage.

However, those who are interested in contacting professionals for garage construction might first want to learn a bit about garage foundations (like preparing ground for shed, soil preparation, and adding vapor barriers). Moreover, by understanding this topic in detail, it could be possible for homeowners (or car owners for that matter) to choose from a wide array of garage designs. Remember that a concrete foundation plays an important role in protecting any vehicle. So, choose wisely!

Anyway, let’s come back to the topic. Car manufacturers nowadays are launching a bounty of cars in the market keeping women in mind. For the last few years, many segments in cars have been launched targeting the 50% of earth’s population that is “women”.

Here in this article, I chose the car for single women on the following specifications.

  • The size of the car
  • Ease of driving
  • Parking friendly
  • Light and Compaq
  • Interior
  • Safety equipment
  • Look

1. Mini Cooper Clubman

As the name suggests, Mini Copper is compact and easy to handle. The interior is quite lavish and BMW has kept the safety features the prime concern. The leatherette upholstery with a 6.5-inch infotainment display looks decent. The backup camera and rear parking sensors are the solutions of every woman’s problem while parking in compact places.

Also, Bluetooth connectivity and keyless start are easy to handle. The 15-inch alloy wheels ensure the safe drive even on the slippery road. This car is more like a minivan than the original Mini Coopers. The twin barn-like back doors create the car more spacious. Reasonable price and smooth on-road drive make the Mini Cooper an ideal choice for every single woman.

2. Audi A3

The best car of the year 2014, Audi A3 is no doubt a women car. The comfortable drive and power-adjustable seats help women even with the short leg to adjust easily. The steering wheel adjustment makes the driving experience pleasurable.

Overall, Audi 3 is fuel economical. Additionally, with superb multimedia installed, the car is easy to use for women. Moreover, single women prefer Audi 3 because they feel the power and control over this stylish and suave toy.

3. Hyundai Grand I10

With a plethora of features, Hyundai Grand I10 is a favorite car for many single women. Low price and economic on the road make it easy to afford. Small dimension helps women for easy access and good control.

The Korean brand has made sure the Hyundai to be unisexual. It lets feel drivers completely in control of the car when handling the steering. Good grip and low noise are a few amazing features. Apart from all these, a single woman always prefers the car with maximum safety features. Hyundai I10 doesn’t disappoint women at all.

4. Alfa Romeo Giulia

When it comes to a classy car for sophisticated women, Alfa Romeo is always near the top. It is one of the few cars that offer the benefit of both-luxury car and sports car. This sport sedan is great in handling and gives full control to the driver. Good grip and stable on turnings make it safe for the drive.

The eight-speed automatic transmission is smooth and improves fuel efficiency. The car is safe and strong against crash and scored good ratings in the crash-test. However, it’s important to remember that accidents may still happen, and it’s always good to know the details of a car accident attorney las vegas, or someone more local to you, should something ever happen (although we sincerely hope it won’t). The great interior and exterior make it popular among women that love to flaunt.

5. Honda HR V

The spacious car Honda HR-V is a crossover between a traditional car and an SUV. It is popular among women because of its size. HR V does not look giant from outside but it is spacious from inside. Even in the hazy weather or in low light, the good front screen visibility helps the driver to drive safely.

In the large car section, this stylish car has surely grabbed the attention of modern women. Also, the price of the HR-V is reasonable and easy to afford. With a lot of space, it is ideal for single women that love to drive with the group. The amazing safety features and efficient performance of this car is overall a good buy for single women.

6. Mercedes Benz C-Class

In the luxury segment, Mercedes does not need an introduction. Being a well-known brand with a lot of features, Benz C-Class is a choice for many ladies. The style that speaks the class, Benz is outstandingly elegant. The alluring style and appealing design make the drives look cool.

Apart from the look, C-Class flaunts a few great women-friendly features. The powerful machine and the ability to reach fast speed quickly are perfect for women who are sassy. The car is smooth on driving and easy to control. The fuel economic feature is an added lure to women with a restricted budget.

7. Honda Civic

Single women that look for an affordable car with good features, Honda Civic is exclusive for them. A car that is low in maintenance, good fuel economy, strong on the road and stylish in looks, Civic offers a lot of advanced features for the women.

Civic is great and comfortable. The superb performance and the stability on-road along with strong grip let the drive full control over wheels.

For a single woman, safety is a major concern. Honda Civic has grabbed 5-star ratings in safety. Also, the car has good sounds system for the music lover. The facility to use Bluetooth or USB makes the drive more pleasurable.

8. Buick Cascada (Convertible)

For the women who love a wild drive in the open air, Buick Cascada is a perfect choice. Driving for a picnic or going to the beach tour with friends, Cascada is appealing for every trip.

It is also fuel efficient. Cascada has a lot of space to accommodate four passengers. Also, the driver can activate the convertible top in case of sudden weather change at 30 mph. The safe drive and 1.6 four-cylinder engine are sufficient enough for a woman to control.

9. Volkswagen Polo

The compact car is perfect for driving and parking for a woman driver. Volkswagen Polo is one such car with affordable price. With a lavish interior and a smart exterior, Polo is attractive. The small size makes it easy to handle and fast on the road with heavy traffic.

The added features like good entertainment system, Bluetooth and USB connectivity encourage women to buy this stylish and safe car.

10. Smart ForTwo Electic Drive Cabriolet

The name is enough to tell, the car is highly compact and comfortable for only two people. It is one of the best choices for single women because of size and price. The most ecological and safe car for the women, Cabriolet has a few great features. Advanced crash avoidance, protection, fingerprint lock, eye-scanner, voice/facial recognition systems are superb and secure for a single woman driver.

Other features are an electronic system to the car, better night vision technology and spacious for two people. The car is easy to control on windy days and easy to park and drive as well.


Today, finding a women-friendly car is not a tough task. However, for a single woman, it is necessary to prioritize their requirements to match with the features of the car. Then do not forget to check the availability of your preferred car on online websites such as diecast wholesale for a good deal.

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