Best Womens Construction Boots Reviews in 2019

As the number of women rising in industrial jobs, it has become essential to introduce some important safety measures. You will witness several hazards at the workplace which makes it compulsory to cover feet with protective gear. Now many women have become part of the construction industry. Earlier, males ruled the industry for many years. Women work boots have emerged an important dress code in the construction industry. If you are building a career in difficult circumstances, you have to have the top quality work boots. The boots will help you stay safe and focus on your job. If you focus on your job, it will boost your productivity and output. The boots are available in feminine colors and various designs.

Why Construction Boots are Important for Women?

Construction boots help in keeping your feet safe and secure from many potential hazards at the workplace. In the construction industry, you will find several sharp tools, harmful chemicals, heavy objects, objects containing sharp edges. If such harmful objects land on your feet, you may sustain serious injury. Wearing generic construction boots may prove to be uncomfortable for women, so it becomes important to look for ladies work boots that fit well; are comfortable; and are robust as well.

When you wear construction boots at the workplace, the risk of injuries and electric shocks will come down. If it is raining outside, the work boots will not let you slip. The boots offer steel toe which will give you added protection. You will not get any stress on your feet due to the presence of additional heel and ankle support. You will be able to land your feet safely on uneven surfaces.

Types of Construction Boots

  1. Steel-toed work boots: They have emerged as the most common safety boots in the construction industry. You need these boots the most at manufacturing facilities and construction sites in an industry. The toe cap of these boots prevents the foot from falling objects, sharp-edged tools, harm-causing chemicals, hot objects.
  2. High grip outsole boots: These boots help you stay safe from slipping. You stay safe due to the presence of heavy grip outsoles. If you are working on heights, uneven, slippery or icy surface, you need to wear them. The outsoles are manufactured from non-slippery material and ensure the safe landing of feet.
  3. Punctured-plated outsole boots: The boots offer resistance from corrosion and can sustain 260 pounds of pressure. The outsole plating does not crack despite the high usage of millions of times. Miners, demolition teams, foresters, rescuers wear these shoes apart from employees of the construction industry. You will get safety from sharp equipment and harmful items in the field.
  4. Electric hazard boots: When you wear these boots, there will be no flow of electricity from the boots to the earth. You can stay safe from incidents like sudden electrocution when you work with artificial or natural electricity at the workplace. When you wear electric hazard boots, you should be able to get sufficient safety from 600 volts of electric charge.
  5. Weatherproof boots: You need to wear waterproof boots if you work in extreme weather conditions. When you wear boots, you can endure any weather as they are insulated and waterproof. The use of waterproofing material and insulation can keep you safe in hot or dry conditions. The usage of mesh materials help in keeping water out and you can stay warm and comfortable. You can also buy thicker boots and keep water and cold temperature out.

List of the Best Womens Construction Boots

Product Image Product Name Item Weight Product Link
Forever Women’s Ankle High Combat Hiking Boots 8 pounds View on Amazon
DADAWEN Women’s Lace Up Low Heel Work Combat Boots Waterproof Ankle Bootie No Information Available View on Amazon
Wolverine Women’s Floodhand Waterproof 6″ Soft Toe Work Boot 12 ounces View on Amazon
Caterpillar Women’s Mae Steel Toe Waterproof Construction Boot 1.38 pounds View on Amazon
AdTec Women’s 9″ Logger Brown Work Boot 4 pounds View on Amazon

The Best Womens Construction Boots Reviews

There is a vast variety of women’s construction boots available online in various price ranges. Here we bring out top 5 best construction boots available for you to give you safety and comfort: Read them below:

1. Forever Women’s Ankle High Combat Hiking Boots

You can protect your feet with Forever Women’s Ankle High Combat boots. The comfortable boots will allow you free movement anywhere at your workplace without any fear of getting injured. The round toe coupled with a lace up front, and sturdy metal grommets will keep you safe and secure from sharp objects. You will get comfort from the presence of a cushioned collar and can work for long hours without feeling tired. You will not fall in wet conditions as the shoes offer non-skid rubber sole. It will also boost the comfort factor.

Standout Features:

  • The boots come in synthetic material
  • Offers rubber sole for better protection
  • Available in a padded collar for comfort and prevent the entry of dirt and debris
  • Comes in ankle high 6 eyes lace up
  • You can waterproof the boots
  • Offers slip-on style with adjustable laces
  • The presence of closed toe will keep you safe and secure from sharp objects

2. DADAWEN Women’s Lace Up Low Heel Work Combat Boots Waterproof Ankle Bootie

Looking for top quality work boots to keep the feet safe from sharp equipment at the workplace? End your search with Dadawen, as the boots offer a strong grip on an uneven and slippery surface. The work boots are designed in such a way that you can pair them with casual outfits, skirts, jeans, etc. The boots are equipped with flexible rubber lug traction outsole for comfort and safety. The work boots are available in waterproof leather and last for a long period of time. The soft fabric boot lining and cushioned footbed with the padded sole will keep you comfortable. You will not get tired during long hours at the workplace while wearing the boots. You can wear boots at the workplace or even after work hours.

Standout Features:

  • The six eyelets lace-up front offer maximum comfort and support to the ankle
  • Feature padding along with the collar which will prevent abrasion
  • The boots offer contrast stitching and the two-tone laces offer a feminine appearance
  • They are available in many colors like brown, black, pink, and camouflage
  • The boots are thick as well as soft and ideal for the construction industry

3. Wolverine Women’s Floodhand Waterproof 6″ Soft Toe Work Boot

Tired of searching for the best quality construction boots? Worry no more. Now you can boost your safety and comfort with Wolverine women’s floodhand work boots. You will not have to spend a fortune to buy the boots as the shoes are cost-effective. The boots can withstand rough and tough conditions at the workplace. You can stay comfortable with the removable full cushioned footbed and rubber midsole. The boots are waterproof and you can walk if it raining outside. They have been designed to offer all day long comfort and safety from potential hazards at the workplace.

Standout Features:

  • The work boots are slip resistant
  • They are sturdy and keep your feet dry in wet conditions
  • Allows comfortable movement in the fields and in the woods
  • The work boots are roomy and allow you to wear thick socks
  • The presence of extra cushioning keeps you comfortable all day long
  • Offers rubber sole
  • The boots offer slip/oil/water/abrasion resistance
  • They are lightweight and allows you to fight fatigue

4. Caterpillar Women’s Mae Steel Toe Waterproof Construction Boot

Now you can enhance the safety of your feet with top quality Caterpillar women’s work boots. The work boots offer you comfort cushioning and flexibility. The boots are so comfortable that you can also wear work boots at other places. Since the boots are not much heavier, you can also wear socks and stay comfortable all day long. You can keep your feet safe from falling objects, dirty water, and wet conditions.

Standout Features:

  • The boots come in steel toe and shank
  • Since the work boots are not heavy, you can keep your feet comfortable and safe
  • Offers protection from potential electrical hazards at the workplace
  • Offers resistance from slippery conditions
  • Available in steel shank and nylon mesh footbed

5. AdTec Women’s 9″ Logger Brown Work Boot

Your search of the best construction shoes leading you nowhere. Buy AdTec women’s work boots and boost your feet’s safety. You can wear them with woolen socks and go for hiking or trekking anywhere. You can also wear the shoes in snow or icy conditions as you slip-resistance feature will not let you slip. The boots are water resistant. You can keep your feet safe at the construction sites from various risks.

Standout Features:

  • Comes with a synthetic sole
  • Crazy horse leather used for manufacturing the construction work boots
  • Can be purchased in oil resistant lug sole
  • The plain soft toe keep your feet comfortable all day long
  • Comes in 100 percent leather

How to Buy the Best Women’s Construction Boots?

Construction boots can enhance your safety at the workplace from dangerous chemicals, electric shocks, sharp-edged equipment, etc. While purchasing construction boots, you need to consider the following factors given below:

  • Consider the design: While purchasing work boots, you must consider the design of the shoes. The weatherproof boots look similar as the punctured plated. So consider the purpose and purchase the shoes accordingly so that it can serve the purpose.
  • Consider the material and construction: You can never neglect the quality of the work boots to keep the feet safe and secure. Check what kind of material used for manufacturing the midsole, outsole, and upper sole. The different types of shoes use different materials to enhance the safety of feet. The durable outsoles are manufactured from top quality leather.
  • Consider the fit and comfort: This is another most important point of consideration while purchasing work boots. The shoes should offer you high quality apart from offering top comfort. As you need to work for long hours, never neglect the comfort factor.


We can conclude here that construction boots help in protecting the feet of the women workforce at various industries. There are various risks at the workplace which makes it necessary to acquire good quality work boots. Work boots boost the safety of feet from electric hazards, slippery conditions, uneven surface, and sharp objects at the workplace. Always consider the fit, comfort, quality of construction and design of work boots to get the maximum result. You will not only get roof edge protection but you can boost your output as well with the right work boots.

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