Choosing a Good Wooden Comb to Tame Your Nifty Mane!

Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone who wears a crown of hair on their beautiful heads! Forget everything you knew about brushes and combs, I’m here to shake your world! Alright, I admit that there is nothing new under the sun, but it’s always good to refresh the old knowledge, right?

PhotoProduct nameMore information
1. Folding Sandalwood Pocket Comb for Hair and Beard by HaWaTour1. Folding Sandalwood Pocket Comb for Hair and Beard by HaWaTourMore information
2. Handmade Sandalwood Hair Comb with Wide Teeth by Breezelike2. Handmade Sandalwood Hair Comb with Wide Teeth by BreezelikeMore information
3. Static Free Comb by Breezlike (Sandalwood with Black Buffalo Horn Teeth)3. Static Free Comb by Breezlike (Sandalwood with Black Buffalo Horn Teeth)More information
4. Fine Toothed Sandalwood Rattail Comb by Breezelike4. Fine Toothed Sandalwood Rattail Comb by BreezelikeMore information
5. Wide Toothed Wooden Static Free Comb by Hooxe5. Wide Toothed Wooden Static Free Comb by HooxeMore information
6. Half-Moon-Shaped Fine Toothed Peachwood Comb by Uxcell6. Half-Moon-Shaped Fine Toothed Peachwood Comb by UxcellMore information
In this article, I will make you familiar with 6 quality combs to help you choose your best wooden comb so that you can maintain your hair easily and with joy because wooden combs are one of the best styling tools the current market has to offer.

Hair combing is usually seen as a trivial thing: apart from those of us who are unmistakably bald, everybody engages in their hair care routine at least once a day. Yet, many of us manage to get some of the steps wrong, which leads to frizziness, brittleness, and breakage to name a few.
Of course, these can happen not only due to the failure in choosing a combing tool – for best results, you need to know how to wash properly, condition, dry and style your hair as well. But a wooden comb, in this regard, can significantly improve your experience.

Men’s Combs vs. Women’s Combs

In fact, there is no difference between those combs, since gender does not affect the hair structure – males and females have absolutely identical hair. What does play a role in choosing a comb, though, is the length and texture of the hair. They depend on hormones which, in their turn are defined by the genes.

So if you’ve ever wondered what’s the best comb for men’s hair or what’s the best comb for women’s hair, leave it, there isn’t one. There can only be a comb that is viable to your situation, and neither of them will make you less or more feminine or masculine if this is your issue. Take something that is best for you: practical, durable and comfortable in hand. Take what you like and what feels right, and don’t worry.

Different Types of Hair Combs

Choose a comb considering your hair’s length and texture. If you are not sure of what you need, stick to the middle: middle-sized teeth, spacing and the comb’s size itself. The more texture there is to your hair – the wider the teeth should be spaced.

Usually, widely spaced combs have wide or medium bristles so that you won’t mistake it. Such combs help detangling and prevent breakage. For styling purposes, go with a rattail comb (with a sharp, pointy handle) or the one with short, closely set thin teeth. A comb with short, narrow teeth will also work perfectly well on short straight or slightly wavy hair.

Wooden vs. Plastic Comb

There is a whole world of hair maintaining and styling tools, but the wooden combs have their inarguable advantages, the first of which is – they don’t cause static, contrary to the plastic ones. A trifle that can ruin your otherwise brilliant look.

Some of the wooden combs are truly as good as a self-sufficient work of art. Minimalistic, plain or with handmade carvings, they can give a final touch to many fashion styles. Also, these small wooden helpers are extremely tough and are really hard to break, unlike their plastic siblings. Even those with narrow teeth.

Other virtues of wooden combs include:

  • They gently massage the skin improving microcirculation.
  • Redistribute the natural oils providing nourishment and stimulating hair growth.
  • Prevent hair damage gliding smoothly and not braking or pulling it.

If you wear a mustache, a beard or both, a wooden comb will suit you as well. For beginners, it doesn’t irritate the skin as much as other combs. It is also close to impossible to cut or scratch yourself with a wooden comb since the teeth are not as sharp.

With this being said, let’s take a look at the combs!

1. Folding Sandalwood Pocket Comb for Hair and Beard by HaWaTour


The comb is made of 100% Sandalwood which means that it’s fairly rugged and smells like heaven.
A folding comb like this is a great option for travelers and anybody who is into the old-style fashion. The medium size bristles make it suitable for beards as well.


Open: 7.1″ x 1.2″ x 0.5″
Closed: 4.2″ x 1.2″ x 0.5″
Weight: 2.4 Oz

Although his comb features an improved copper screw, be careful not to catch your hair with the hinge. Also, some say that over time the screw can get a bit loose.

2. Handmade Sandalwood Hair Comb with Wide Teeth by Breezelike


This lightweight comb works best on type 3 and type 4 hair. Made of Sandalwood, it’s sturdy and feels smooth both in a hand and on your hair. Rounded edges of the bristles will gently massage your scalp without irritating the skin.

Dimensions: 7.1″ x 2.2″ x 0.3″
Weight: 0.96 Oz

To prevent the comb from damage, try not to drop it on hard surfaces and don’t leave it soaking in water for too long. Although the comb is finished, the wood is still wood and water can cause warping.

3. Static Free Comb by Breezlike (Sandalwood with Black Buffalo Horn Teeth)


This comb is exactly what you need if your hair is prone to getting staticky. Plastic can accumulate static and transfer it to your hair, causing mischief and trouble on your head. But Sandalwood and Horn will help you resolve that. The long smooth bristles will glide easily, and the rounded edges will stimulate circulation in the scalp.

Dimensions: 7.1″ x 1.9″ x 0.3″
Weight: 0.32 Oz

Use the comb on straight or slightly wavy hair, otherwise, it can get stuck in the knots or damage the shaft if pulled through the tight curves. For best results, apply conditioners or use an after-wash detangling spray.

4. Fine Toothed Sandalwood Rattail Comb by Breezelike


Sandalwood works best on dry and frizzy hair. This rattail comb not only relieves static but also works well styling the unruly strands. Fine, narrow-spaced teeth will work great for beards and shorter hair in general. However, medium-length hair can be managed with this comb just as good.

Dimensions: 8.3″ x 1.4″ x 0.2″
Weight: 3.84 Oz

Beware of dropping the comb on the hard surfaces. Also, please don’t expose it to the high temperatures or intense light. To elongate the service period of the comb, wipe it dry with a cloth after use and don’t leave it to soak in water.

5. Wide Toothed Wooden Static Free Comb by Hooxe


This wide tooth comb will suit those who have kinky and\or thick curls. The bristles won’t cut through or cause any damage, and the edges will gently massage the scalp stimulating the follicles and blood flow in the scalp. The comb comes with a small bag for convenient storage and transportation.

Dimensions: 4″ x 2.1″ x 0.5″
Weight: 2.4 Oz

To prevent the comb from damage or cracks, try not to drop it and dry it with a cloth after you are done with your hair maintenance routine.

6. Half-Moon-Shaped Fine Toothed Peachwood Comb by Uxcell


This pocket-sized peachwood (also known as brazilwood) comb is great for reducing static and effortless combing. It will also make a nice choice if you are looking for a tool to maintain your beard. Long, fine teeth work best on dry hair. Use carefully for detangling.

Dimensions: 5.1″ x 2″ x 0.2″

Peachwood is known for its flexibility, but it doesn’t mean that you can toss it around carelessly. Be careful not to drop, or you can break or crack the bristles.


There is a great number of various combs and brushes – each serving its own purpose.

To find the item that will become your best wooden comb, choose something that is viable to your situation. The general rule is, that the more curls you have and the tighter they are, the wider the comb’s teeth should be. It is also better to comb your hair while it’s already dry or just a bit damp.

To improve your experience, and if you have a kinky mane, it’s good to hand-detangle the knots before using the brush. Also, you can try conditioners, oils and after-wash detangling sprays. Altogether, it is always a good idea to consult a hairstylist in case you are not sure what is right for you.

The same applies to the combs. Still, if you desperately need a comb, but can’t figure out what to pick, stick to the medium. Doing so will prevent your hair from breakage and let you get rid of all the snags and knots effortlessly and with no pain.

The wooden combs are also great because they reduce static. The air gets dry during the cold months – the main reason why your hair in winter gets frizzy.

Another good thing about wooden wonders is that they relieve stress. After you’ve done with washing and have properly dried your hair, comb it feeling the teeth on your scalp. Start from the hair line in the front and go to the back. Repeat this motion several times, working the middle section and the sides. In this manner, you will stimulate scalp’s microcirculation which will increase the hair growth and generally improve your health.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Let me know what you think! Feel free to leave your comments in the section below.


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