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Over time, people have grown accustomed to the practice of bleaching their intimate regions for beauty. You see, once you wax your private areas, it becomes more apparent that the area around your anus and vagina are visibly darker than the surrounding areas.

Top-Rated Intimate Bleaching Cream List:

PhotoProduct nameFeatureProsMore info
1. Shiseido White Lucent Microtargeting Spot Corrector, 1 Ounce1. Shiseido White Lucent Microtargeting Spot Corrector, 1 OunceSkin-friendly ingredients

  • Enhances appearance

  • Works on all skin types

  • Light texture

More Information
2. Amaira Lightening Serum2. Amaira Lightening SerumSuitable for multiple areas

  • Gentle

  • Safe

  • Long-term results

More Information
3. Pink Privates Intimate Sensitive Area Lightening Cream3. Pink Privates Intimate Sensitive Area Lightening CreamIdeal for private parts

  • Unisex

More Information
4. Clear-N-Smooth Bio-Britener Lotion4. Clear-N-Smooth Bio-Britener LotionWorks on all skin types

  • Glowing skin

More Information
5. Divine Derriere Hydroquinone Skin Bleaching Cream 5. Divine Derriere Hydroquinone Skin Bleaching Cream Multi-purpose

  • Eliminates discoloration

  • Exfoliates

More Information
6. Pink Madison Whitening Cream6. Pink Madison Whitening CreamAnti-aging

  • Guaranteed results

  • 70% organic

More Information
7. Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Intense Nourishing & Restoring Body Butter7. Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Intense Nourishing & Restoring Body ButterWorks on dry skin

  • Nourishes skin

  • Multipurpose

More Information

As such, people opt to use bleaching creams which can help even out the hues. However, in choosing the right cream for this work, it is essential that you take precautions concerning safety. Some products may end up doing more harm than good, thus leaving you with burns and other skin ailments that are preventable with the right amount of research in the beginning.

How should you choose a bleaching cream?

First off, you should keep in thought that the areas in question tend to be more sensitive than other parts of your body. As such, you are looking for a product that will do its job without harming you. Another thing you need to note is that a darker color around your vagina and anus is pretty standard and even after bleaching; these parts will still have deeper hues than the surrounding regions. With a suitable product, however, the difference will barely be visible.

The decision-making process can be quite daunting, owing to the ever-increasing variety in the market regarding such creams. Here are a few factors by which you can knock out the different products, stage by stage.


Reputable brands are the way to go when it comes to dealing with your sensitive regions. Look into whether the products in question are certified and look into the practices used in the company. At this point, you should be in a position where you can narrow down your choices.

The ingredients used

A bleaching cream should have powerful ingredients; that is for sure. However, the components should be natural and safe for use on the human body. Examples include Kojic acid and Vitamin C. Any cream containing mercury is not safe for use, and you should steer clear of it. It is also crucial that you start off with a test before using the cream so that you can test your skin’s compatibility with the product.

With these two factors taken care of, you can rest assured that you will find a suitable cream. You can also forgo this process and choose from this list which contains the best intimate bleaching creams on the market at reasonable costs. Have a look.

Best Intimate Bleaching Cream Reviews:

1. Shiseido White Lucent Microtargeting Spot Corrector, 1 Ounce

If you are in search of the best intimate bleaching cream on the market, this is it. This cream works on all body parts such that you can also use it on your face and hands if you wish to. It works such that it targets darker spots on your skin and works to rectify the imbalance. The serum is light such that you will barely feel it on your skin, thus ensuring that you are comfortable all through the day and night.

The result is a balance between the skin of your anus/ vagina and that of the surrounding areas. Whether you are dealing with hyper-pigmentation or dark spots that won’t go away, this cream has the solution to your problems. Results are perceptible after a few weeks of use, and they last for long.

2. Amaira Lightening Serum

This serum makes use of a combination of glycolic acid sourced from sugarcane and kojic acid sourced from Japanese mushrooms. The result is a gentle cream that works on lightening the skin from the inside out, thus ensuring that the lightening procedure lasts for long. Given that its use is safe and painless, there is no need for users to undergo invasive procedures that are often painful.

You can use this cream on all body parts including those with sensitive skin such as around your anus and vagina. It works on all skin types, owing to its gentle nature. It works on brightening dark spots, getting rid of discoloration and scars, uneven skin tones, sunspots and other skin conditions relating to hue. Over time, you will observe that your skin will be three shades lighter than it was.

Owing to the lack of harsh ingredients, you can use it on your face and private parts and is thus a great alternative to using soap, gels, and pills which often tend to have minimal results. All these benefits have thus earned this serum a spot among the best intimate lightening creams on the market.

3. Pink Privates Intimate Sensitive Area Lightening Cream

Having pretty privates is a great way to enhance your esteem in the bedroom, and you will feel more open to trying out different things with your partner. This cream works for both men and women, and you can use it around your anus and vagina, on underarms and your nipples. Your partner too can benefit from this serum by using it on their penis and scrotum.

If you tend to have harsh reactions to skin products, worry not as this is the best bleaching cream for private areas. It is unscented, and thus you need not worry about the occurrence of conditions such as yeast infections. It is also free of chemicals such as mercury and is, therefore, a great way to enhance the appearance of your privates through the diminishing of discolored areas around your nether regions. The results start to show in about two weeks and last long after you discontinue the use of the serum. It is indeed a great buy for anyone wishing to change the appearance of their private parts.

4. Clear-N-Smooth Bio-Britener Lotion

If you are looking to brighten your private parts while achieving a glow at the same time, this serum has what you need. It not only works at eliminating discoloration but it also nourishes the skin such that the result is supple, glowing skin that will have your private parts looking healthy and young. You can also use this solution on your hands, underarms, face and any other area in which you wish to see a difference. It is gentle such that it will not cause harsh reactions, no matter how sensitive your skin is.

The serum contains Vitamin C, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. Vitamin C works in boosting your collagen levels, thus improving the appearance of your skin and therefore makes you look younger than you are. Vitamin B3 works at enhancing the texture of your skin for an overall smooth feel which your partner will enjoy, as will you during solo sessions. The Shea Butter infused with Vitamin A works at healing and is especially useful in situations where the discoloration results from skin conditions. Vitamin E moisturizes the skin while Hyaluronic acid moisturizes it. With all these advantages, it is not hard to see why this is the best bleaching cream for private parts.

With two applications a day, you should see results in three to four weeks.

5. Divine Derriere Hydroquinone Skin Bleaching Cream

This product is an excellent skin lightening cream for private areas if you are looking for something that will work on stubborn spots. It comes with a 2% concentration of hydroquinone which is a potent ingredient in lightening skin. It also contains 6% concentration of glycolic acid and lactic acid which also work in brightening uneven skin tones such that the result is a balanced hue.

Other key ingredients in the mix are Licorice extract, Vitamin E, B White Peptide and Niacinamide. Together, these components work in helping you achieve a brighter, even skin tone with reduced discoloration. Continued use ensures that your skin becomes brighter over time, thus matching the hue of the surrounding areas.

You will notice that though the dark spots and hyper-pigmentation fade away, this cream is gentle such that you will not face skin conditions as a result. It also works in hydrating the skin, thus ensuring that your skin remains healthy. You can use it on other parts of your body such as your elbows and knees. In four weeks, you will notice a change in hue.

6. Pink Madison Whitening Cream

If you go through the Vaginal Bleach Before and After Pictures of someone who has used this product in the past, you will see just how good it is. It works at not only skin lightening but also adds suppleness and glow to it thus ensuring that the result is fantastic. It contains organic ingredients such as safflower oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera which work in nourishing and renewing the skin.

Another great thing that you will love about this product is that it works on all skin types, and thanks to the natural ingredients in play, users cannot suffer an allergic reaction. Feel free to use it on other areas apart from your private parts as this cream works on all body parts. You will notice a smoother feel on touching regions in which you use it in a matter of weeks.

7. Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Intense Nourishing & Restoring Body Butter

Sometimes, skin discoloration stems from lack of proper care, and this can quickly get rectified by using cream which works at renewing your skin cells. This cream works best for people with dry skin, and it makes use of royal jelly. This substance eases the tightness that comes with dry skin, and you will get more comfortable over time. It also deals with the coarseness that comes with dehydration. The cream also works at reconditioning your natural lipids such that your body can produce the oils it needs to stay moisturized and thus remain healthy.

Whether your skin dryness comes from climate or seasonal changes, this cream will help you fight against irritation and will thus result in a healthier appearance. Other than rejuvenating your skin, this cream also brightens discolored areas, making them match the surrounding regions and thus giving your private parts a boost in appearance. It presently ranks as one of the top products for use in intimate area bleaching, owing to its amazing results on people who have used it.

It contains chemicals strong enough to clear away the dark spots and gentle enough to ensure that you do not suffer harsh reactions to the product. If you have allergies, you will be glad to know that this cream will not affect you in any way.


How to Safely Lighten or Bleach Vagina & Anus

You should start off by cleaning the area in question. Ensure that you scrub it well but not too much as you do not wish for your skin to be sore when applying the cream.

Rinse the area with an adequate amount of water before using the cream to it. Gently, rub the cream onto your skin. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instruction to avoid the occurrence of rashes or other skin conditions. If you experience any side effects as a result of using the cream, be sure to discontinue use and consult a doctor for help.

It is essential that you note that no cream can work overnight and you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get your desired results. Many of these creams show results after consistent use over a period of two weeks going up, and if you wish to experience better results, you should continue use until your privates’ hue meets your wishes.

If you ever wondered how actors in adult films managed to have such pretty areas around their anuses and vaginas, well now you know. The answer lies in the cream.

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