The Best Pets for Single Women

The life for singles could be tough, especially for single women. Single women have to fight a hundred battles every day. From the occasional loneliness to the threat to security, things could be quite problematic for single women. Of course, there are so many perks of choosing to be single, which is why many women proudly chose it. But what if there was just the right partner to share this space with you? No, we are not talking about men.

Pets can be a wonderful companion in your daily lives. They allow you all the freedom of being single but with a partner, you can care for and share your happiness with. But which pet to choose? Well, we got it covered for you.

Here are the best pets for women who rock their life being single:

1. Cats

So there are a lot of stereotypes about single women and cats. But stereotypes exist for a reason. Despite their reputation of “having an attitude”, cats are adorable companions. They have their distinct personalities with their own preferences and dislikes, which makes them quite close to a human companion. Unlike dogs, cats are quiet animals that won’t disturb you in your Me-Time. However, cats do require frequent stimulation. If you are okay with cat hair and enough hard work while playing with them, cats are just the perfect pets to have. Also, did we mention how adorable they are?

2. Teacup Pigs

If you don’t want to go with the usual choices yet want something extremely adorable, here is your answer. Teacup pigs are little bundles of joy that you really can’t get enough of. These mini-pigs have been around for a while, yet the stereotypes around pigs stop many people from adopting them. The truth is that teacup pigs are some of the most hygienic (not to mention, cutest) animals you could have. However, they are fragile and need a lot of care. Also, you would want to ensure there are no predators around in your neighborhood.

3. Golden Retriever

There is no way we could have missed the “good boi” here. Golden Retrievers have a reputation of being Internet-friendly. But what makes them so popular is their unwavering loyalty. Dogs are loyal, but these dogs are more loyal than most. Also, they are very intelligent and can be trained to do many basic tasks. This would reduce their dependence on you and give you more freedom. Also, their plush fur is simply cuteness overloaded. However, Golden Retrievers require great care and are not suited for all climates, so do your research. You should keep the number of a vet like Veterinary Hospital Roussillon handy in case anything seems wrong with your dog.

4. Rabbits

Rabbits might seem like an unlikely choice of pet, but they are amazing companions. Like cats, they can take care of their own and do not disturb their owners unless they need food or attention. They can be easily trained to do basic tasks. Rabbits also have distinct personalities, something very valuable in a companion. They are fragile little creatures who need to be kept with care, but they also don’t require much maintenance. Rabbits are in the best mood when they have the company of their own kind. So, you can have a pair of these adorable bunnies. However, be warned: rabbits breed rapidly, and you might soon have to donate some of them to your friends or the shelters.

5. Fish

If you prefer watching your companion rather than playing with it, then fishes might be a good choice for you. Fishes are generally a great choice of pets for anyone, single or not. They require low maintenance and care as long as you do things the right way. In fact, the majority of efforts go into just cleaning their tanks. Once the tank is set, all you need to do is feed them once or twice a day. It is important to give fishes the right atmosphere to live. There must be a sufficient number of fishes in the tank, neither too many, nor too few. Additional structures in the tank would give them something to play around and keep themselves busy. You might not be able to hug them, but watching them busy in their world would give you the comfort of companionship.

6. Birds

Birds are another popular choice of pets. Like fishes, you can’t play with them or hug them. But birds can really chirp up your life. Birds are usually kept within cages; else they run the risk of flying away or hitting objects. For this purpose, you must get a cage large enough to be comfortable. Birds require often little care. You can just keep their food inside and they won’t bother you for anything else. It can get lonely for them, so it is better to buy a pair of birds. Also, watch out for birds that shriek a lot; they can become a real pain for your calm life.

7. Pit Bull Terriers

To nobody’s surprise, another dog makes it to the list. We have talked about the loyal companion; now let’s talk about the fierce protector. As a single woman, safety is a constant issue one faces. Living alone comes with its risks, and they are only amplified for women. But having a pit bull around can really come handy. These small dogs are a lot tougher than they seem. While not typically one of the guard dogs, pit bulls are strong and can fend off a person if need be. They are also really adorable and easy to maintain. All they need is enough food to maintain their build.

Final words:

It must be remembered that like many other things, there is no right answer to your choice of pets. A lot depends on individual preferences and the chemistry you can have with your pet. But we hope the list gives you enough options (and reasons) to choose from. In the end, both of you need is love and company.

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