3D Printed Gift Ideas for Him

When it comes to finding cool gifts, finding gifts for the men in your life can sometimes be just as hard as finding gifts for the women in your life. Having said this, a large percentage of men have holes in their socks and pants, so this should never be a difficult choice! Many women resort to getting him some foto socken (photo socks) as a little joke, but to serve an every day purpose too! These days though, if you’re looking for a serious present for the man in you’re life, getting something really awesome is hard to do seeing as there are so many choices on the market.

Fortunately, 3D printing has opened up a world of cool gift ideas that are useful, quirky, and affordable to make, some, you can even make online as well, like custom bobbleheads. This is a good alternative if you are not very creative yourself. Anyway, we have put together a short list of gift ideas that will impress any man of any taste or style.

3D Printed Cufflinks

At some point, every man has to get dressed up and a proper suit and tie. Give his standard suit and tie an extra touch of class and personality with personalized 3D printed cufflinks.

Cufflinks are great accessories that can be as quirky and fun as you would like. For the science man in your life, you can get these cufflinks in the shape of a hydrogen atom or a DNA double helix. These Dark Knight Batman themed cufflinks or any superhero themed cufflinks are great for the comic book superhero fanatic in your life.

No matter their personal tastes and hobbies, these cool 3D printed cufflinks will elevate any man’s look while also helping him stand out. Whether he is attending an office party, conference or family celebration, customized 3D printed cufflinks will make him the talk of the town.

Koopa Turtle Shell Racer

If the man in your life is an avid gamer, why not take his games out of the television and bring it to life. These Koopa Turtle Shell Racers takes the classic game of Mario Kart to the street. Rather, it lets you live out the fantasy of tossing turtle shells in real life.

Admittedly, these racers are an ambitious project to take on. The turtle shells are full 3D printables, but this project does involve building a pseudo-RC car. You can either extract the pieces from an actual RC car or you can work with solidworks pcb.

Whatever you choose, the result is a full functioning RC Koopa Turtle Shell racer that brings Mario Kart to life.

These racers are not only a massive upgrade from the standard game of poker or pool, but it also keeps men from staying down in their man cave for too long with their eyes glued to the television. The Kooper Turtle Shell racers gives them all the fun of a video game but takes them outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

Utility Box

3D printed tools are always a great gift option, but why not take it a step further with a 3D printed utility box. This compact storage box is a great way to keep small tools, nails, nuts and bolts organized.

The entire box is built with sliding drawers that comes apart to form three storage spaces. When you slide it back together, a handle appears for easy transportation.

For more tool organization, any handyman will also appreciate this tray organizer for smaller tool bits. It is the perfect size to organize your drill bits, nails, nuts, and bolts, but it can easily be customized to fit any other storage needs.

The 3D file is scalable and can be reproduced in different colors and shapes. Now, your handyman can tackle his projects with more efficiency and speed.

Tool Bracelet

Much like the 3D printed tool box, this 3D printed tool bracelet or wristband is another way to make projects easier on your handyman.

If you have ever built anything, you might know the stress of having to walk back and forth to your main tool box just to change out screwdrivers. This wristband fixes that problem.

This tool wristband is constructed to hold multiple screwdriver heads on your wrist for your convenience. So, let’s say you have to use your drill on a shelf, you do not have to climb up and down your ladder to get more screws or screwheads. They are there on your wrist to grab and go.

You can easily find one of these on the internet of at stores, but 3D printing one for yourself is much cheaper. Moreover, you can customize the durability and the shape of its notches to fit the tools you use the most.

LED Bridge Lamp

This LED Bridge Lamp is the perfect gift to get any late night worker or handyman. With its cool art deco style, this bridge lamp can take care of any pesky shadows from your workspace.

What makes this particular lamp cool is that it can adapt to any workspace. It is made up of interlocking segments that can be printed as you need. If you want to go the extra step, you could even invest in a 3D Personalised Photo Moon Light – this will add that personal touch to the gift.

For example, if you do not have the space to accommodate the full arc of the lamp, then you can just print half of the arc and rotate the lamps foot to maintain stability. If you need a wider arc, just print more of the middle segments and snap them into place.

This is a great functional gift that anyone can use. Moreover, its adaptable style makes it perfect for any workspace.

Customized Bottle Opener

A fully functional bottle opener is the perfect gift for any man with a taste for beer. However, accessorize the male pastime of cracking open a cold one with a 3D printed, personalized bottle opener.

You can get anything from a universal bottle opener that can twist or pop off any bottle cap or you can go for a wall-mounted bottle opener and even a one handed bottle opener.

For more style, you can 3D print a bottle opener with their favorite sports team or television show character. If they are a part of the military or work for law enforcement, you can even go more official and get a bottle opener with their specific division on it.


Finding gifts should not be a hassle. The gift ideas we listed above are just a start. With a 3D printer on hand and a little bit of thoughtfulness and creativity, you can create gifts that are bound to impress. Do you have any cool 3D gift ideas? Please share them with us!

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