Most Expensive Luxury Dresses We’ve Seen

Most people would agree that the most expensive dress they’ve ever bought was their wedding dress. The average bride spends just over $1000 on their wedding gown. That may sound like a huge amount of money, but it’s a fitting occasion.

Below are five of the most expensive dresses found on the internet. Their appearance is nothing like a wedding gown, well most of them anyway. These are luxury dresses for the rich and elite. Nevertheless, you can find designer Prom Dresses on e-sites like Amarra or other similar websites.

The dresses listed below are gorgeous and unique. These luxury gowns are created by some of the best designers in the world. The designer dresses are, quite frankly, unaffordable to the average person.

They would need financing along the lines of a montreal loan to afford one of the following luxury dresses. Don’t let that stop you from admiring them though.

Your financial situation aside, it’s fun to look at the designer gowns worn by the rich and famous. Get your fix on the following five gowns.

1. Marchesa Strapless Tulle Degrade Layered Dramatic Ball Gown- $26,122

This dress is a gorgeous ball gown. It’s worth every penny with its’ multiple layers of tulle and ruffles. The dress flows to the floor and comes out at the waist. The black sash tied around the waistline of the dress, completes the look.

For anyone with the available finances, this dress is sure to be an eyecatcher. It would be the epitome of all prom dresses.

Marchesa is a designer brand that utilizes European fashion trends in the creation of their gowns. This designer brand has been showcased on the red carpet more times than we can count.

The brand has branched out into wedding couture and eveningwear. They also design accessories like handbags, shoes, and jewelry.

2. Gucci Embroidered Polka Dot Tulle Gown- $20,000

This artistically embellished gown is breathtaking. The sheer golden, polka dot cover sets this dress apart from all others.

A unique detail of the dress is the dragons that appear over the skirt and bodice. This dress shines with gold shimmer and foil appliques.

The designer of this dress is Gucci, a leading influencer in women’s luxury designs. This dress features the Asian theme that appears throughout the brand.

The brand feature luxury, sports, and lifestyle pieces. Gucci, like Marchesa, has their own line of jewelry and accessories.

3. Valentino Long-Sleeve Heavily Beaded Embroidered Tulle Illusion Dress- $22,000

This designer brand cocktail dress is fun and colorful. The glittery sequins are placed elegantly allowing you to bring just enough party, to the party.

The light will play on this gorgeous dress. Valentino, the designer of the dress, is a luxury designer.

Valentino is highly established, with over sixty years of experience. It’s no wonder this dress is so brilliantly designed, and celebrities choose his pieces over and over for red carpet events.

4. Versace Embroidered Layered Tulle Gown- $15,550

This Versace gown is the most incredible evening dress we’ve ever seen. This black sheer gown, with gorgeous embellishments draws the eye to multiple points.

The dress stops roughly three inches above the knee, but a sheer panel continues to flow to the floor. The bodice is lined with black sparkly embellishments surrounded by sheer fabric. Exquisite and mature describe this dress to a t.

The dress fits the Versace brand so well. It exudes decadence and exhibits itself confidently. Versace is currently well-known for their evening wear and this dress fits into that category.

5. Oscar De La Renta Floral Lace Lola Gown- $12,990

This is not a designer dress for a wedding guest. This gorgeous white gown is fit for a bride. Set aside the fact that the dress is entirely white.

The trumpet flare skirt and sweetheart neckline are coveted features of any soon-to-be bride. Floral lace and a train-like sash complete this Oscar De La Renta dress.

Oscar De La Renta is a Dominican American fashion designer. He came to international fame after dressing Jacqueline Kennedy in the sixties. This brand has been in the spotlight for almost seventy years.


These five designers create some of the most beautiful evening gowns and dresses. Unfortunately for many of us, they also design some of the most expensive evening gowns and dresses.

We can still admire the design work on these breathtaking pieces. The average person doesn’t have a particular occasion to wear these designers to anyways.

The talented, artistic eye that creates gowns like these, is something to be coveted. It’s fun to admire the work of these gifted designers and watch celebrities wear the exquisite dresses on the red carpet.

If you have the finances to purchase a twenty-thousand-dollar dress, I urge you to consider these pieces. They’re incredibly designed for any woman that would live her life in the spotlight.

While wearing one of these designs, you are sure to be watched all evening. Conversations will be started over your chosen dress.

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