What it’s Like to Be a Women Construction Worker

A significant change is taking place when it comes to women holding important positions in various industries. Now women are no more confined to the kitchens. They are fast emerging as a strong force in many industries and especially the construction industry. The biggest and noticeable change can be seen in the construction industry. Women are now working with forklifts, saws, angle grinders, you name it! The career a woman wants to take on now has no limit – even construction. The industry had been male-dominated in the past but no more now. A large number of women have become an integral part of the industry. Whether they are plumbers, roofers, electricians or even setting up scaffolding for constructions sites (similar to that of tigerscaffolds.co.nz), the presence of women in the industry is increasing by leaps and bounds. Given below are some of the factors that will highlight how it feels to be a women construction worker:
  • Growth in the Construction Industry:
A recent study reveals that the construction industry will witness a growth of 3 percent in 2019. The industry is expected to create 20-lakh jobs by the year 2021. More and more companies will hire women workforce to utilize their skills into this field. Women force will certainly get a boost with the growth in the construction industry. They will get strong opportunities to lead the industry from the front. It will certainly help them feel elated as they will share their vital inputs in various domains of the industry.
  • Women Force Emerging as Leaders:
Studies have highlighted that though women are still not represented highly, they are making strong growth in becoming leaders. A big chunk of women construction managers and executives are holding a strong position in the industry. Women now lead the construction industry from the front. The studies also suggest that more and more construction companies are endorsing women to vital leadership roles. Construction companies are enhancing their efforts towards promoting more women in the industry. The companies are taking vital steps to educate young women about the advantages of working in the industry.
  • Rising Resources for Women in the Construction Industry:
A vast number of resources are available for women that will address their particular requirements in the industry. Women can take the help of these resources to make their presence felt in the male-dominated industry. There are several women-focused groups available for them. Groups like the National Association of Women in Construction, Women in Operation offer help to women who are new in the industry. These groups offer mentorships and several networking and marketing opportunities. Women can learn how to successfully lead from the front.
  • Availability of Construction Courses:
Various popular construction companies all over the world have been teaming up with the local groups. In collaboration with local communities, the companies offer boot camp programs and courses for women. Several states also provide apprenticeship programs that aim to hire women workforce, prepare them for examination and offer important training.
  • Women Faced Challenges in the Beginning:
Women workforce encountered several challenges in the beginning in the construction industry. Earlier, women felt inferior in the industry in comparison to their male counterparts. They faced sexism as only a small workforce was part of the industry. The male workers were not cooperative towards women workforce. But this is no longer the situation. Women are gradually becoming an important part of the industry. They hold several leading positions and males are happily accepting them in their respective roles.
  • More Women in the Construction Industry:
Earlier, construction was a male-dominated industry with only 9 percent of the women workforce part of the industry. And, the large chunk of this percentage held roles in the administrative or secretarial field in the industry. Only one percent of the females were construction workers. Some women revealed that they were ill-treated in comparison to male colleagues. They had to share the toilets with male colleagues. But now significant changes have taken place in the industry. A huge emphasis is laid on gender equality in the industry. More and more women are keen to be part of the construction industry in various roles. They no more report any such issue which was faced by women earlier. Male colleagues are quite welcoming to their female counterparts and accept them in leading roles.
  • Team Performance Improves:
According to a study, when women take an active part in the construction industry, team performance registers strong improvement. With companies such as Materials Handling, and many more, becoming increasingly popular, physical issues occurring for both women and men are solved. For example, lifting heavy materials has become less of a struggle when the correct equipment is now available to use on site. With shared issues being solved, working as a team is increasingly more common. Women construction workers introduce new unconventional outlooks and methods on how to handle challenges at the workplace. According to a review carried out by Harvard Business Review, the team’s overall intelligence improves significantly with the presence of female construction workers. Women at construction sites can introduce plenty of significant changes and improvements. For example, the utilization of mobile platforms to help shorter persons easily access high-up elements. Some constructions companies are said to now shop @ Platforms and Ladders and other suppliers of “ease-of-access” equipment. Best of all, women are no longer compensating for labor shortages in the construction industry. They make a vital contribution to the problem-solving capacity and efficiency of the team in the industry.
  • Efforts to Involve More Women:
As women construction workers have made a huge impact in the construction industry, huge efforts are underway to enhance their involvement. Studies have shown that women are great at multitasking in comparison to males. When the ability of multitasking is employed in the construction industry, rapid growth can be witnessed. When leadership roles are given to more and more women, it sends a strong message that the construction industry is not only for males. To enhance women involvement in the industry, new incentives are being taken up. The construction industry has taken strong initiatives to minimize the pay gap between males and females in the same roles. It has made women feel at ease and help them execute their roles with perfection and excellence. Women have been enjoying amazing economic benefits in the industry after learning the construction trade.


Women can offer vital inputs to the construction industry. The industry has been taking several important steps to train women for various roles in several companies. The multitasking ability of women can give a huge boost to the industry. Their unique approach of handling problem will boost the team spirit. We can expect an unbiased and inclusive corporate culture with the rising presence of women in the industry. The industry will also receive several material benefits with the addition of more women construction force. So be ready to witness a vertical lift in the construction industry with the rising presence of women.

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